Best Indoor Basketball 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Playing basketball is great fun on both inside and outside courts. However, choosing the right ball can be a difficult and boring task. Some of the basketballs perform really well, on the other hand, a few feel amazing but overall performance isn’t great. Therefore, I have mentioned practical reviews of best indoor basketball 2020 in this article, pick yours and start shooting the hoops.

Indoor basketballs are designed to use on hardwood, therefore they feel much comfortable due to the softer material. On the other hand, outdoor basketballs feel a bit harder because of the strong material to provide lasting durability.

But wait, let me tell you something that do not use indoor basketball on outside courts, they will not hold up on asphalt surface.


Best indoor basketball



Best Indoor Basketball – 5 Top Rated Basketballs:

Let’s jump towards reading the honest characteristics of 5 leading indoor basketballs 2020 in ranking order.

1Wilson Evolution Game BasketballBest Performance Indoor Basketball
2Baden Elite Indoor Game BasketballSolid Grip Basketball
3The Rock Indoor BasketballBest Value for the Money
4Spalding Precision Indoor BasketballGreat Looking Indoor Basketball
5Molten X-Series Composite Basketball, FIBA ApprovedMost Durable Indoor Basketball
Top Picked


Wilson Evolution

best indoor basketball

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Evo Microfiber Cover
  • NCA & NHFS Approved


The Rock

good indoor basketball

  • Holds Air-pressure
  • Approved by NHFS
  • Responsive Bounce


Spalding Precision

spalding basketball

  • Evo Microfiber Cover
  • Butyl Blader
  • Nylon Windings



1. Wilson Evolution Game Basketball:

“Best Performance Indoor Basketball”best indoor basketball

The Wilson Evolution basketball is the most used basketball in high-school plays. Due to its extreme popularity, it is one of the most purchased basketballs in the United States. Also, the ball is approved by NCAA and NFHS and the most used ball in both of the tournaments. The softer and nicer feel of Wilson evolution makes it the top choice for indoor basketball games.

Best of all, the deep channel design and hundreds of micro-touch points offer a better grip. Moreover, the moisture-wicking channels dry out the sweat while playing. As a result, you have proper control while dribbling, dodging, and shooting goal in the hoop perfectly. It feels like a dream to dribble with a comfortable feel and consistent bounce rate.


Key Features:

  • Core Cushioning offers a comfortable grip and ball handling
  • Moisture-wicking technology absorbs the sweat of your hand
  • Highly durable composite leather helps it to last long
  • Evo Microfiber composite cover provides a nice grip that every basketball player dreams for
  • The entire surface is textured to provide unparalleled control
  • The core of the ball is made of combined low-density sponge rubber along with butyl rubber
  • Proper air-pressure for consistent bounce and ideal handling is from 7 to 9 psi


  • Pebbled laid-in channels for extreme grip
  • Approved and used by NCA and NFHS
  • It holds the air-pressure perfectly for a long duration
  • Available in three different sizes - Official 29.5 inches, Intermediate 28.5 inches, and Youth 27.5 inches
  • Great value for the money
  • Panels may start peeling off after a while
  • I noticed that it lost air over-aggressive plays

Expert's Opinion:

Indeed the Evolution basketball is the most popular and used ball for high-school and training academy games. In my own experience, I have found the ball quite soft and extremely easy to grip. I shoot a couple of goals in the hoop and experience the joy of using top-rated indoor basketball.

So, if you are looking for the best indoor basketball, Wilson Evolution is recommended without any doubt.

Read a complete overview and detailed features of Wilson Evolution Basketball.



2. Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball:

"Solid Grip Basketball"baden elite

When we talk about basketball manufacturers, the top names come in mind such as Spalding, Wilson, and Molten. However, Baden has produced Baden Elite Game Ball which is a good indoor basketball. Indeed, this ball does worth considering due to its slightly heavier weight and best suited to practice advanced skills.

The Baden Elite is a top-rated basketball due to sharp and consistent bounce. Moreover, it feels extremely nice to the palm just like Wilson Evolution ball. In particular, there is no match when it comes to grip, moist-absorbing features allow players to control and shooting the goal. In addition, the long-lasting tack stays consistent right from the beginning.


Key Features:

  • Moisture absorbing quality keeps the ball dry
  • Top of the line ball, Premium materials make the Elite Basketball the king of the court
  • Especially designed for professional players to practice dribbling and shooting basketball drills
  • Patented Cushion Control Technology (CCT) ensures responsive and consistent bounce
  • Stealth Soft-Valve System (SSS) reduces exposed rubber from the valve stem and softens the entire valve panel
  • Approved by the NFHS and is the official basketball of many leagues across America


  • It keeps the air-pressure over-aggressive plays due to quality bladder underlying the soft composite leather cover
  • Rubber channels are in-line and wider than other indoor basketballs
  • Extremely durable and stays relatively new even after years of practice
  • Available in two sizes Official 29.5 inch and Intermediate 28.5 inche, it is suitable for men and women basketball game
  • It feels quite sticky in the beginning
  • Not suitable for youngsters

Expert's Opinion:

I am sure you haven't heard good remarks about Baden basketballs, but believe you me Baden Elite Game Ball is great indoor basketball. The manufacturer claims to spend around 30 years to make this ball perfect. Indeed, it is a great choice for professionals to practice dribbling, fast crossover and ankle break drills.

Read a complete overview and detailed features of Baden Elite Basketball.



3. The Rock Indoor Basketball:

"Best Value for the Money"the rock

You might have never heard of the rock basketball as I, but it is an incredible indoor ball and highly praised and approved by NFHS. The ball is produced by a non-famous private manufacturing company "Anaconda Sports". Believe you me; The Rock basketball does not perform less than a myth.

In case you might be asking yourself that I have never seen this ball, the ball is surprisingly good and performs amazing on indoor courts. In addition, I have found new users of this basketball liking it immediately after hooping a few goals with it. Indeed the rock basketball is used for most American indoor basketball games.


Key Features:

  • The ball comes in official size 29.5 inches and approved by NFHS
  • It holds the air pressure even on aggressive plays
  • Best of all, the grip is the distinguishing quality of the rock
  • In addition, pebbled channels provide consistent grip all-over
  • Ideal responsive bounce and it does not feel too flat or too bouncy
  • The wide pebbled channels are made of composite leather instead of rubber
  • Super tacky and sweat absorbent to offer better control


  • Affordable basketball and best value for the money
  • Extensive channels provide a solid grip
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • The ball is available in official size 29.5 inches
  • It absorbs the moisture of the palms
  • Made of extremely durable composite leather
  • It does not feel as soft as the Wilson Evolution
  • The ball is not available in under-sizes like youth or intermediate

Expert's Opinion:

If you are looking for a good indoor basketball that has optimum grip and tacky feel, indeed the rock basketball is a top choice. Therefore I recommend you to try this non-famous basketball designed by John Stote. Certainly, it draws the attention of other basketball players in the indoor courts. In particular, the rock basketball performs great on hardwood courts.

Amazon User Review:

One of the Rock basketball buyers from Amazon "Robbyho" says, "The Rock has a cushion, almost spongy feel with deep channels. This gives it a very secure feel in your hands. That I think is what really separates The Rock from other balls, that when you hold it, there is no feeling of it slipping loose.

When you catch it, you can go up with your shot without having to readjust because the ball slides in your hands. It doesn't get overly slick or retain moisture. Certainly, it stays dryer than an Evo, similar to the Baden Element. The Rock is great overall and I would not hesitate to buy more of them when the time comes".

Read a complete overview and detailed features of The Rock Basketball.



4. Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball:

"Great Looking Indoor Basketball"spalding precision

Especially manufactured for precision and designed for elite players of all ages. This Spalding indoor basketball has deep channels that offer a good grip and natural feel. In particular, basketball stands out and easy to trace due to its light color.

As we all have heard that Spalding produces the best indoor outdoor basketballs, precision ball is quite unique amongst all. Especially, the ball is significantly awesome due to the combination of Eco-Grip composite cover and rotationally balanced butyl bladder. Moreover, the ball feels comparatively soft and ideal handling while dribbling. The recommended air pressure for optimum performance is 8 PSI.


Key Features:

  • Eco-Grip composite cover is made from recycled materials and delivers a soft feel, provides reliable control and game-ready grip
  • Design is approved by NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association) adopted ball for Maryland Basketball
  • The official basketball of the Spalding Hoophall Classic and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union)
  • Performs excellent, nylon windings provide amazing structural nobility
  • High-end air retention due to rotationally balanced butyl bladder
  • Deep channels provide a natural feel and promote accurate shooting
  • Available in official size 7 – 29.5 inches (suitable for professional athletes), and size 6 – 28.5 inches (ideal for 12+ years females, and boys ages from 12 to 14 years)


  • The ball comes inflated and game-ready right out of the box
  • Composite cover especially designed for hardwood indoor courts
  • Optimal strong material for long-lasting durability
  • Good handling, responsive bounce and holds the air very well even after aggressive plays
  • Best suitable for indoor courts
  • The ball need some time to break in to perform really well

Expert's Opinion:

No doubt the Spalding Precision basketball is a good choice for indoor games. You might have heard of Spalding TF-1000 as a good indoor basketball, however, I prefer Precision due to its performance and superior control. Not only it is a favorite of professional players but also approved by NFHS. I strongly recommend you shoot a couple of hoops with this amazing basketball. A few dribbles will be enough to change your perception.

Amazon User Review:

A Spalding Precision user "Jason Young" from Amazon says, "Great indoor ball. Breaks in nicely. I play 1-3 times a week and the ball has held up great after 4 months of use. Deep channels (probably the deepest I've felt) and tacky grip. It seems slightly smaller than the average size 7 (29.5) ball but that could be because of the deep channels. Moreover, it maintains air great, have not had to inflate after I put air in it the first time. Responsive bounce, handing is good, this is definitely a shoots ball. I highly recommend".

Read a complete overview and detailed features of Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball.


5. Molten X-Series Composite Basketball, FIBA Approved BGGX:

"Most Durable Indoor Basketball"molten fiba

Molten is the official manufacturer and supplier of basketball at international FIBA competition including the Olympic Games. The signature Giugiaro 12-panel design of Molten is one of the top ball designs. Also, the designer is striving to integrate uniqueness and beauty in his work. Not only it is a great looking ball but also performs really well.

Furthermore, the refined color contrast has improved its visibility. As a result, players can view the ball's movement and monitor its rotation to master the skills. The uniform pebble surface of Molten X-Series provides an amazingly consistent grip. Moreover, it helps with superior control over the ball and accurate passing and shooting.


Key Features:

  • Officially FIBA approved game basketball
  • Superior grip due to 12-Panel design and improved feel of the surface
  • One of the most durable and best composite leather almost feels like real leather
  • The ball has great visibility, therefore, it is easy to track its motion
  • Extremely tacky and perfect for shooting indoor hoops
  • Tactically aligned pebble to provide consistent grip and easy to control no matter where you hold the ball


  • Designed with premium composite leather
  • Comes with 2-years warranty
  • Butyl bladder reduces the ratio of air deflation
  • Highly visible even in low light courts
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor courts
  • The ball is extremely amazing but does not come inflated and game-ready
  • It might feel a little awkward in the beginning due to extra pebbling

Expert's Opinion:

Indeed the Molten X-Series has an awesome design and innovative Butyl bladder technology. Moreover, the FIBA approved GG7X has a solid grip and perfectly suitable for indoor basketball courts. So, if you are in search of the best affordable basketball for indoor plays. You will not be disappointed with Molten X-Series composite basketball.



Still Struggling to Find a Good Indoor Basketball?

best indoor basketball buying guide

You are not the first one going through this tough battle, almost every basketball player has felt this trouble. Finding the right basketball is an extremely time taking task. Therefore I have narrowed down the list for your ease. There are hundreds of basketballs out in the market and everyone claims to be the best for indoor plays.

In order to perform well in the game, you should have a good ball in your hand which has a good grip and ideal bounce. Therefore, I have listed the main characteristics you should consider before buying an indoor ball.


  • Material:

Indoor basketballs are generally designed considering high-quality material and made from either full-grain genuine leather or the finest composite leather. The reason behind choosing premium quality material is that it provides a good grip and feels quite comfortable with the palm. However, softer material takes time in wearing out.

On the other hand, outdoor basketballs are designed to withstand hard surfaces. Therefore, they are made of rubber or hard composite leather. As a result, outdoor basketballs have slightly lesser grip as compared to indoor basketballs. Moreover, they do not need to wear out and you can use them right out of the box.

Certainly, I'll recommend you go for genuine leather or fine composite leather basketball. These are good choices if you are purchasing especially for indoor games.


  • Grip:

Do consider and feel the depth of grooves and also notice the width of pebbled channels. Indeed you will find a significant difference in the grip while shooting free throws. Right grooves are essential because they provide additional grip to the fingertips. A good basketball is tacky and does not feel slippery.

A few of the basketball has moisture-absorbing technology which reduces the slipperiness of the ball. As a result, the surface of the ball stays dry and you will have complete control over the ball. Sweaty hands can spoil affect the grip and the ball will slide away from your hands quite often.

Also, read about best outdoor basketball shoes , they provide great support and stability on the ground.


  • Bounce:

Professional players will second my words that bounce is the most important feature in a basketball. A ball should have a consistent bounce that you can rely on. Therefore, the smoother the surface of the ball is, the basketball will have a good bounce rate.

At the same time, grooves also make a significant difference in the bounce. Not only deep grooves help with shooting, but also they can be hurdles while dribbling because of unreliable bounce.



How to Find Best Indoor Basketball?

In case you might be wondering how to distinguish and find the right ball for your basketball plays. Literally, there are hundreds of balls available and most of them claim to be better than the other. Picking a good basketball completely depends on you, dribbling drills

Play with a couple of balls, notice their feel and grip, also consider the cost of basketball brands. Perform some drills and dunks in the gym, not just the hooping the ring but also check the defense. Consider the major four characteristics in mind such as material, feel, grip, and bounce of the ball. Similarly, do not forget about your hoop before you move towards buying the basketball.

Speaking of hoops, read the reviews about the best portable basketball hoop, notable features at reasonable prices.

Before anyone suggests you purchase an indoor basketball, check out my compiled list and briefed reviews including buying guide. Make sure to read about at each ball and its aspects before making a decision.



Final Verdict:

Of course, there are hundreds of basketballs available in the market and indeed it is difficult to choose. However, I have shortlisted a few for your ease in the article. No doubt Wilson Evolution is the best indoor basketball if you can afford it. It offers a great feel and unbeatable performance over indoor courts.

On the other hand, the Wilson NCAA Replica is also a budget indoor basketball if affordability is an issue. The ball is a great value for the money. Certainly, no ball can beat the performance of Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball. It is best rated indoor basketball but it almost empties your wallet.

In my own experience, I have found Baden Elite good basketball on indoor courts, delivering prime performance and great defense. Moreover, it is available at a very affordable price comparatively at a cheaper rate than other indoor basketballs.



Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)


What is the best indoor basketball?
A list of best indoor basketball;
  • Wilson Evolution Game Basketball
  • Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball
  • The Rock Indoor Basketball
  • Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball
  • Molten X-Series Composite Basketball, FIBA Approved BGGX
What is the best indoor outdoor basketball?
Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball FIBA Approved is the best indoor outdoor basketball. This ball is a perfect choice in terms of feel and grip. Furthermore, the bounce has an ideal grip and designed to withstand indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Which basketball is better Wilson or Spalding?
You should choose a basketball that suits you. Spalding basketballs are great and official ball of NBA. On the other hand, Wilson basketball is the official ball of NCAA. Both have slight little difference in performance but it varies from player to player. Some prefer Spalding and some players choose Wilson.

So, if you are keen for great feel and performance, go for Wilson. Otherwise, if you want to purchase a ball for indoor and outdoor plays, go for Spalding, they are more durable.

What basketball does NBA use?

The NBA uses Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball and it has been the official NBA game ball since 1983. This indoor basketball is designed with a full-grain genuine leather cover that provides incredible touch and feel. This ball is iconic for ultimate performance and has set the basketball standards quite high.

What is the most expensive basketball?
The Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball is by far the most expensive basketball in the market. It is because the ball is made of the finest quality, full-grain genuine Horween leather.



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