Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2022 – Extra Toe Box

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Basketball athletes with wide toes (like me) know how difficult it is to find the best basketball shoes for wide feet without compromising on comfort and performance. Most of the performance shoes run a bit narrow for a tight fit. However, these shoes do not fit perfectly and feel uncomfortable to wide footers. True to size and comfort plays a vital role in a basketball player’s performance.

Some big-foot athletes indeed purchase half a size bigger to find the right width. But, that strikes the balance resulting in losing confidence in the court and causing injuries. Therefore, you need the perfect fit wide basketball shoes for excellent performance and preventing yourself from injuries. I have explained the details of the highest-rated basketball shoes with wide toe boxes after testing them in multiple games.

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best basketball shoes for wide feet


Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet – Wide Toe Box Sneakers

Here is a list of the best basketball shoes for wide feet in 2022. These basketball sneakers have extra wide toe box for perfect fit and prevent toes from hurting.

No.Wide Toe Basketball ShoesQualityPrice
1Jordan Nike Air XXXV DNA Jordans For Wide Feet
2Nike LeBron 18Best Cushioning Wide Basketball Shoes
3Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE Extra Wide Basketball Shoes
4Under Armour Embiid 1 Wide Toe Box Shoes
5Nike Zoom Freak 1 Nike Wide Basketball Shoes
6Nike LeBron Soldier XIII SFG Wide High Top Basketball Shoes
7Nike Kyrie 6 Widest Nike Basketball Shoes
8adidas Ownthegame Cheap Wide Sneakers


Top Picks

Jordan Nike Air 35 DNA

wide basketball shoes

  • Large Forefoot Toe Box
  • Side to Side Stability
  • Zoom Air Responsive Cushion


Under Armour Embiid 1

wide toe box shoes

  • Nice Midfoot Containment
  • Side Wings for Maximum Stability
  • Super Comfortable Cushioning


Nike Kyrie 6

widest nike basketball sneakers

  • Zoom Air Turbo Unit
  • Additional Strap Over the Laces for Perfect Locked-in fit
  • Thick Traction Grooves



1. Jordan Nike Air XXXV DNA

“Jordans For Wide Feet”wide basketball shoes

Air Jordan 35 is a true-to-size basketball shoe with extra room in the toe area, excellent performance and great grip. The shoe is especially designed for indoors and offers solid power for instant stop and start on hardwood courts. Along with having enough room for wide toes, this pair fits perfectly and locks the feet down nicely. Also, these lightweight shoes provide great comfort and Zoom Air cushioning for impactful responsiveness.

Johnathan (Outdoorballpro team-member) always found it difficult to find the right fitting pair. He used to say, “It’s a curse to have wide feet.”. However, he was quite comfortable on the court while testing Jordan 35 DNA.


Key Features:

  • Springy and responsive Zoom Air cushioning beneath the forefoot and heel
  • A large forefoot toe box provides enough space for bigfoot to fit true to size
  • Stitched wire cables on the sides curved plates to completely lock down the foot
  • Maximum side to side stability due to sculpted Eclipse plate 2.0
  • Hollowed outsole to reduce the weight
  • Rubber outsole with solid herringbone traction pattern, good for immediate stop, start and changing directions rapidly
  • Soft mesh tongue with bumped out collar offers great comfort to the feet


  • Nice grip on the hardwood courts
  • Impact protection responsive cushioning for a hard landing
  • Perfect fit true to size for wide feet
  • Lightweight, weighs on 13 oz.
  • Nice traction of the forefoot and curved heel
  • Not suitable for outdoor courts, picks up dirt and loses traction
  • Nike Jordan 35 DNA requires break-in time to perform at its best

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2. Nike LeBron 18

“Best Cushioning Wide Basketball Shoes”basketball shoes for wide feet

If you are a big basketball player with wide toes and looking for the best cushioning shoes, LeBron 18 is definitely the most recommended. The shoe performs not less than a beast and designed to deliver exceptional support to the most explosive player – LeBron James. In addition to cushioning, this pair has sufficient space to fit wide-width mens’ feet and provides maximum stability. Indeed, LeBron 18 is a good shoe for wide feet.


Key Features:

  • Max Air unit with snuggled in full-length Zoom Air unit extended from forefoot to heel
  • Responsive under foot Max Air cushioning
  • Molded TPU heel counter stabilizes the foot to generate maximum power and prevent it from free moves inside the shoe
  • Stretchy knitting for a secure fit, breathable lightweight top for optimum comfort
  • Feed through tunnels lacing system locks down feet
  • Padded tongue and collars provide soft comfort
  • Solid rubber outsole with flex groove traction pattern for floor grip


  • Responsive and provide fine-tuned for speed
  • Three layers of heavy cushioning, perfect for big guys
  • Knitted upper with stretchy material
  • Wide room in front for wide toes
  • Available in cool colors
  • Batleknit top requires a little time to break-in for stretchy fit
  • The shoe will not durable on outdoor concrete courts

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3. Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE

“Extra Wide Basketball Shoes”extra wide basketball shoes

Enjoy the remodeled Russell Westbrook as the modernized Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE. The extra-wide toe box offers significant space to fit a bigfoot. These shoes are light in weight and suitable for jumping high. Despite of the full-air unit, the Jordan team improved the support and ensures foot stability. Even though this pair has extra room in the toe box, it still fits true to size and leaves no space for feet to move inside.


Key Features:

  • Synthetic deconstructed upper provides lightweight comfort
  • Clear saddle at the midfoot offers proper containment
  • Powerful Zoom Air Unit under the forefoot to minimize the jumping impact
  • Rubber outsole with circular cut-way traction patterns for maximum court grip
  • Manufactured with flexible material and lacing system ensures true to size fit
  • Ideal cut soft padded mesh breathable tongue


  • Extra wide toe box to accommodate big feet
  • Very comfortable fit and lightweight
  • Premium containment and lockdown feel, zero feet movement inside
  • Bouncy, responsive cushioning
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor courts
  • Bulky heel, I found myself a bit higher than ground
  • Flat shoe laces untie quite often, make sure to tie them tight


4. Under Armour Embiid 1

“Wide Toe Box Shoes”wide toe box shoes

The very first Joel Embiid’s signature shoes are designed to cater to huge feet like Joel’s. The shoes are manufactured solid all-around to provide optimum support to big feet players. The thick sole keeps up the weight of the player and lockdown wings provide a lockdown fit.

The reason to add this pair to the list of best wide basketball shoes is that we experienced comfort and a solid locked-in feel on both courts - indoor and outdoor. We did not find any foot-swelling or toe redness after hours of play.


Key Features:

  • Perfect lockdown feel from toe to heel, solid all around
  • Nice midfoot containment even while moving sharp sideways due to flexible front
  • Thick wide base with rounded edges along with side-wings provide maximum stability
  • Lightweight perforated mesh upper to increase breathability and comfort
  • Super comfortable due to HOVR heel and full length Micro G cushioning
  • Rubber outsole with new style traction pattern for maximum grip and sideways movements


  • Good signature basketball shoes for big men
  • Added ankle support
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Supportive upper even for big feet
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • The shoe requires break-in period
  • Not suitable for dusty outdoor courts, picks up dirt

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5. Nike Zoom Freak 1

“Nike Wide Basketball Shoes”nike wide basketball shoes

The first signature shoes for a big basketball player - Giannis Antetokounmpo are manufactured with very comfortable material. Having enough space at the toe box, these shoes have a premium fit for wide feet. The internal containment system at the toe box keeps the foot stable and perfectly contained.


Key Features:

  • The shoe has Double Zoom Air units that provide extra cushioning under the heel for a hard landing
  • Proper locked-down fit and responsive cushioning make the shoe the perfect choice for the court
  • Multidirectional traction pattern for solid court grip helps with abrupt stop and start
  • The outsole is designed with a combination of solid and translucent rubber
  • Shoe lacing system with internal loops and padded collar locks the foot in completely


  • Awesome locked down feel, feet do not move inside
  • Impact protection responsive cushioning
  • Premium quality breathable upper, requires no break-in time
  • Lightweight and suitable for speedy moves
  • Great value for the price
  • The translucent portion of the outsole loses traction on dusty courts


6. Nike LeBron Soldier XIII SFG

“Wide High Top Basketball Shoes”wide high top basketball shoes

Highest rated as the high top wide basketball shoes, especially engineered to accommodate the most aggressive player in the court. The dual dynamic strapping system provides proper closure and exceptional containment. This pair can accommodate big feet comfortably and fits true to size due to adjustable slip lock strips. Best of all, the flexible upper creates enough room to fit a wide foot.


Key Features:

  • Durable and comfortable upper material delivers a significant lockdown feel
  • Dynamic strapping system for true to size fit, never come undone
  • Thick rubber outsole with herringbone deep traction for solid grip on indoor and outdoor courts
  • Forefoot Zoom Air unit, foam midsole and cushioning beneath the heel, all combined to provide responsive cushioning even to big guys
  • Extended soft tongue and padded high ankle collar provides a soft enclosure


  • Fits true to size, one-to-one snug fit
  • Proper containment and lockdown support
  • One of the best traction basketball shoes
  • Picks up very little dirt, suitable for outdoor concrete courts also
  • Very comfortable
  • Gets pretty hot inside on a sunny day
  • Runs a bit narrow for extra wide foot

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7. Nike Kyrie 6

“Widest Nike Basketball Shoes”widest nike basketball sneakers

Designed for Kyrie Irving, this pair of shoes has become very popular among wide feet basketball players. Indeed, it is one of the most reliable shoes for basketball shifty guards move. Along with providing comfort, Kyrie 6 makes you able to possess optimum control in the court. The mid-top design with a padded collar and heel cup keeps the feet align and locked in.


Key Features:

  • Comfortable refined materials, a combination of tumbled leather and engineered mesh
  • Additional strap over the lacing system for proper locked-in
  • Forefeet cushioning is lightweight and provide great support for hard landings
  • Zoom Air Turbo unit under the forefeet designed to deliver multidirectional responsiveness
  • Rubber outsole with all-directional traction pattern, deep to deliver optimum court grip
  • Flat sole and heel counter ensures that the foot stays on the foot-bed while quick cross overs


  • Turbo Zoom Air cushioning feel terrific
  • Nice grip and supportive shoes for shifty guards
  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Thick traction groove, suitable for outdoor basketball
  • Available in stunning colors
  • Some users say that the synthetic heel feels a bit awkward
  • The shoe runs small, tight fit


8. Adidas Ownthegame

“Cheap Wide Sneakers”cheap wide shoes

This Adidas pair is relatively cheaper than other wide basketball shoes and runs true to size. Most of the retailers advise purchasing your size even if you have big toe feet. Designed with mixed material, these shoes are durable and supportive on hardwood courts. So, if you are looking for budget-wide basketball shoes, we recommend going for the Adidas Ownthegame.


Key Features:

  • The lace-up system provides a locked-in secure fit, runs true to size
  • Manufactured with mixed material: synthetic perforated leather and perforated mesh
  • Durable Adiwear rubber outsole with zigzag traction pattern, perfect for any surface
  • Comfortable support due to supportive cloudfoam midsole
  • Midtop with low-cut mesh tongue along with padded collar provides soft enclosed locked-in


  • Affordable wide toe basketball shoes
  • Comfortable and lightweight sneakers
  • Cloud responsive cushion
  • Stylish shoes, can be used as casual wears
  • The outer layer materials do not feel great
  • These shoes feel a little stiff when new

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Important Features of Wide Basketball Shoes

Purchasing a basketball shoe for wide feet is challenging. Most of the time we just buy half a size bigger just to fit in big feet, but that does not feel comfortable. We listed the above mentioned wide basketball shoes after testing them on various factors, listed below;

  • True to size fit
  • Containment and enclosure
  • Traction
  • Cushion
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Padding
  • Style
  • Stretchy upper
  • Wide outsole

If you haven’t found your desired shoe and still looking out there, we recommend considering these factors before making a final decision. All these features play important role in the performance because the wide shoes will have chances to throw out the balance.

Let's have a look at some factors in detail;


Right Fit

It’s rare to get the right fit when buying wide basketball shoes. You’ll find yourself uncomfortable and in serious pain throughout the game if they're too tight. On the other hand, if they're too loose, you run the risk of tripping and risking an injury. It's best to try on a few pairs of shoes and select the size that fits you best.

It is important to find a shoe that does not run too narrow or long. A skilled fitter at a store will be able to ascertain this by taking the necessary measurements. A common recommendation is that you should get one size bigger to find the extra toe box to fit wide feet in the shoes.



The amount of support a shoe offers can be another important factor when considering wide shoes. While some may have the capability to expand, this doesn't mean they provide adequate support for those with foot problems. In fact, buying a shoe without any additional support features may only cause pain.

Be sure that a wide shoe provides enough stability and support for your ankles and feet, as these are crucial features of the shoe. A quality pair will prevent ankle injuries from occurring due to motion control or heel support technology.

While some basketball players need more foot movement for quick, agile play, others may need more stability depending on the shoe's design. It's important to know what type of support your foot needs before buying shoes.


Inner Padding

The inner padding of a shoe can play an important role in how supportive it is for someone with wide feet. If the padding is too short, it may not provide adequate protection from blisters or other foot problems. Furthermore, lack of padding may allow for more foot movement which could worsen pain and discomfort.

Larger shoes are not always better when it comes to padding. Instead, the inner lining of a shoe should be considered. Some manufacturers may make shoes with more padding on the heel and toe because their research has shown that this is where players need it most.



Breathability is a crucial factor that should be considered. While some shoes may appear wide, they can actually trap heat and cause pain and discomfort just like a too-narrow shoe would. This layer of trapped heat and moisture between the lining of the foot and the inside of the shoe can make anyone's feet smell bad after continuous use.

Therefore, wide feet basketball shoes should be breathable and accommodate ventilation to keep the comfort at maximum level.


Outsole Stability

You are going to play on indoor and outdoor courts, both courts have different environmental conditions. Indoor courts can be slippery while the outdoor courts are dusty and full of dirt. The outsole should be durable enough to withstand all court conditions and provide good traction.


Top Rated Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Players

Final Verdict

Indeed there are many good basketball shoes for wide feet and you won’t regret purchasing any of the above. We have tested multiple shoes on indoor and outdoor courts and found these pairs of highest performers. Having a big toe box and without compromising on the balance, cushioning and traction, these shoes fit perfectly to wide feet.

Our most recommended wide basketball shoes are Jordan Nike Air XXXV DNA, large toe box and maximum side-to-side stability make it our top-rated pair.

The second most favorite is Under Armour Embiid 1, mid-range wide sneakers with extra width to fit wide toe. These shoes have super comfortable cushioning and flexible midfoot containment.

If you are low on budget and still want to fit your big foot in the shoe, you will never go wrong with Adidas Ownthegame. This pair is available at a budget price, stylish and durable.



Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

What basketball shoes are good for wide feet?

Jordan Nike Air XXXV DNA is good shoes for wide feet. A list of the top rated wide basketball shoes is below;

  1. Jordan Nike Air XXXV DNA – Jordans For Wide Feet
  2. Nike LeBron 18 – Best Cushioning Wide Basketball Shoes
  3. Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE – Extra Wide Basketball Shoes
  4. Under Armour Embiid 1 – Wide Toe Box Shoes
  5. Nike Zoom Freak 1 – Nike Wide Basketball Shoes
  6. Nike LeBron Soldier XIII SFG – Wide High Top Basketball Shoes
  7. Nike Kyrie 6 – Widest Nike Basketball Shoes
  8. adidas Ownthegame – Cheap Wide Sneakers


Is Kyrie 6 good for wide feet?

Kyrie 6 runs true to size and good for wide feet. This pair is especially designed for proper enclosure while shifty guards and quick moves. You will not find your feet moving inside, have enough room for wide toes and a lace-up system along with a strap over the laces to provide a locked-in feel.


What shoes brands are best for wide feet?

Nike is the best brand that manufactures shoes for wide feet. The popular brands of Nike are Jordan, LeBron, Kyrie, etc. Adidas and Under Armour also cater for wide toe basketball shoes.


Is Lebron 18 good for wide feet?

LeBron 18 are good shoes for wide feet. Great performance shoes with exceptional cushioning. Extra-wide toe box to accommodate big food. Tunnel through laces properly contain feet and mesh stretchy material makes it suitable for wide feet.


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