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A good in-ground basketball hoop can bring decades of happiness to your backyard and driveway. Kids from the neighborhood will get together to take part in shooting competitions. Moreover, it is an excellent excuse for parents to keep an eye on their children. This article will help you to find the best in ground basketball hoop in 2022, and a complete guide to buy and install a basketball system in the ground.

Best of all, not only the kids can have the joy of hooping, but adults can also enjoy practicing dunking drills. Having a basketball hoop in your home along with the best outdoor basketball can make a huge difference in your health and offers a great opportunity to relax your mind. A permanent in-ground basketball system is a worthy investment and it lasts for many years, rather than investing in a portable basketball hoop.

Note: It is recommended to own an in-ground basketball hoop if you are training to become a professional basketball player, they are sturdy and offer professional experience in your backyard or driveway. You can practice the drills you think weak, and perform confidently on the court during competition games.

best in ground basketball hoop


Best In Ground Basketball Hoop – Top 10 Permanent Basketball Goals

Here is a list of top rated 10 in-ground basketball hoops in 2022 with their qualities and prices, these in-ground basketball systems are the most durable, rust-resistant and super rigid. Best of all, these hoops have easy height adjustment systems that make them suitable for the whole family.

No.Basketball HoopQualityPrice
1Pro Dunk Hercules Best High-end basketball hoop
2Goalrilla FT Series Basketball SystemTop Rated In Ground Basketball Hoop
3Goalrilla GS-54 Basketball System Best Adjustable In Ground Hoop
4Silverback Basketball Hoop - SB60 High-Quality Professional Hoop
5Dominator In-Ground Basketball HoopBest Outdoor Basketball Hoop
6Pro Dunk Diamond Basketball System Largest Pole Top Rated Hoop
7Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop - 54-Inch Cheap In Ground Basketball Hoop
8Spalding "888" Series In-Ground Basketball HoopBest In Ground Adjustable Hoop
9Silverback NXT 54" In-Ground Basketball Goal Best In Ground Hoop for Driveway
10Ironclad Game Changer In-Ground Adjustable HoopBest Basketball Hoop for Dunking


Top Picks

Goalrilla FT Series Hoop

top rated in ground basketball hoop

  • Tempered glass backboard
  • 5″ x 5″ thick pole
  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer


Goalrilla GS54 Basketball Hoop

goalrilla basketball hoop

  • 3/8 thick tempered glass backboard
  • Adjustable height with crank actuator
  • Breakaway hoop


Spalding “888” Series Hoop

spalding basketball goal

  • Padding around the pole
  • U-turn pro lift for height adjustment
  • 6 inch thick one-piece solid pole



1. Pro Dunk Hercules

“High-End Basketball Hoop”top rated basketball hoop

An exceptional high-end in-ground basketball hoop is considered to be the strongest and top-rated hoop. What makes it significantly solid is 7ga thick structural grade steel pole that delivers never-breaking durability. Moreover, the whole hoop support is zinc galvanized to prevent it from rusting. Indeed, it is a monster hoop that offers rigid performance even on aggressive plays.

We all love to hang for a few seconds after a perfect dunk. Pro dunk has made an unbreakable rim that includes two vertical shocks. Hence, you can dunk and hang on the rim without the worry of bending it down or shattering the backboard. Check out how high do you need to jump to perfectly dunk a basketball using Dunk Calculator. Furthermore, the pole and backboard are padded and especially good if you have kids around. The padding will protect them from getting injuries by accidental collisions.


Unfortunately, it is not available at the moment, check similar in-ground hoops.


Key Features:

  • 72-inch high-performance backboard made of crystal clear tempered glass, gym-quality rebound ½ inch glass board
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum frame around the backboard to provide extreme rigidity
  • One piece 6 x 6-inch solid pole with 7 gauge thickness
  • The entire hoop is highly impactful and has galvanized padding around
  • Extreme strength bolt mounting to stand this Hercules like a mountain
  • Two vertical shocks beneath the rim to make it competitively break-away, perfect for dunking and hanging
  • Engineered designed rim supported by heavy gauge steel
  • Durable outdoor rim net
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime dunking & hanging warrant


  • NBA regular size backboard offers a professional feel of the game
  • One solid unit for ultimate durability and rigidity over-aggressive plays
  • Lifetime warranty overhanging advantage for dunk lovers
  • The entire goal is zinc galvanized to prevent it from getting rust
  • Non-adjustable
  • Quiet heavy - weighs about 425 pounds


2. Goalrilla FT Series Basketball System

“Top Rated In-Ground Basketball Hoop”top rated in ground basketball hoop

Goalrilla FT Series in-ground basketball hoop is designed for competitive basketball games. It is manufactured with the best quality materials and of course a bit high priced.  Along with the professional look, this sturdy and robust hoop can bring professional basketball to your backyard or driveway. The professional-looking breakaway rim is ideal for fierce dunking.

Its tempered glass clear backboard is framed with anodized aluminum, providing it the strength to last for decades. A powder-coated alloy steel pole is built to resist outdoor climate and withstand harsh conditions of weather. In addition, the heavy pole helps in increasing its stability. The easy height adjustment system makes it the best in-ground basketball system for every age player.

Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty (limited) from the manufacturer. The hoop comes in three different sizes – 54”, 60”, and 74”.


Key Features:

  • Clear view ½-inch thick tempered glass backboard, shatterproof glass provides awesome rebound along with a pro-style look. Backboard sizes: (54″ x 36”), (60” x 38”) and (72” x 42”)
  • Uniquely designed anodized aluminum frame holds the backboard tight and delivers a sleek design
  • Pro-style breakaway is supported by strong springs and offers great support while dunking fearlessly
  • 5” x 5” solid one-piece square steel support pole, DUPONT® powder coated to protect it from rusting and ensures the long life
  • Two wide-angle steel arms connect with both sides of the backboard for ultimate stability
  • All-steel crank height adjustment system with unlimited increments to adjust the Goalrilla FT hoop’s height at the desired level from 7.5 to 10 feet
  • The hoop gets mounted in the ground with a bolt anchor system, easy to unscrew and transport to a new place


  • Available in three different sizes
  • Maximum stability due to solid single-piece pole
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty (limited)
  • Two additional arms to support the backboard for stability
  • Crank height adjustment system
  • Breakaway rim supported by strong springs
  • A bit difficult to install and takes more time to set up
  • A little expensive than other in ground hoops, but definitely worth the price

Still confused if you should get a basketball hoop or not? Read exciting reasons to buy a basketball hoop in 2022.


3. Goalrilla GS-54 Basketball System

"Best Adjustable In-Ground Hoop"goalrilla basketball hoop

The Goalrilla GS54 basketball hoop is one of the toughest basketball goals in the market. The hoop is designed to last forever and the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty. In the case of moving your home, you can easily unbolt it from the ground and reinstall it in the new backyard. Certainly, this rock-solid hoop is adjustable rather than having a fixed height. This function makes it useable for kids or athletes with shorter heights.

The rim is a breakaway professional style with a supportive spring beneath to bear the pressure of dunking and hanging. Best of all, the hoop is powder-coated and will not get rust or faded effect because of UV rays over time. The GS54 basketball system has brought the professional game to the small courts with long-lasting durability.


Key Features:

  • The backboard is 54 x 34 inches and made of 3/8-inch thick tempered glass for ultimate strength and performance
  • One piece 5 x 5-inch solid pole, rigid and offers infinite durability
  • Adjustable height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet using an easy crank actuator
  • Powder-coated steel pole highly resistant to weather conditions, prevent it from rusting
  • Easy moveable from one place to another, strength to the concrete system allows you to unbolt from the ground and easy installation in the new place
  • Hoop is breakaway with supportive spring that provides flex like professional hoops, perfect for aggressive dunking
  • Moreover, the hoop is 2.5 feet away from the backboard which is quite reasonable


  • Backed with limited lifetime warranty
  • 10 times stronger tempered glass used for backboard
  • UV coated backboard to prevent from fading
  • Durable weather resistant nylon net
  • Adjustable basketball goal
  • Easy to unbolt and move to another place
  • Some of the users found missing equipment, please check the parcel before you start assembling
  • Customer support from the manufacturer is not positive rated


4. Silverback Basketball Hoop - SB60

"High-Quality Professional Hoop"best in ground basketball hoop

It is a premier in ground basketball hoop designed to offer gym-style basketball games at home. It features a powder-coated steel pole that ensures longevity in outdoor weather conditions. It is quite sturdy and neat which are significant features of an in-ground basketball system. The tempered glass backboard comes in two sizes – 54-inch and 60-inch, however, the 60-inch model is more popular. This gymnasium-style basketball goal is using a revolutionary anchor bolt mounting system that mounts the hoop solid and easy to unmount for movability.

The notable feature is that the SB60 is an adjustable goal with easy adjustability using a crank actuator. The pole and the backboard are padded to make it feel softer and sharp-impact-free if you hit it accidentally while playing. Additionally, the rim is breakaway pro-style and ideal for dunking and aggressive shots. And, the pole fits right into the ground for it to stand firm and it has special paint protection to withstand the dampness of the earth.

The Silverback SB54 is also a great in-ground basketball hoop at affordable price wih crank actuator to adjust the goal from the NBA and NCAA regulation height .

Key Features:

  • Durable and sturdy two-piece 4 x 4 powder-coated steel pole to prevent it from rusting
  • 60 x 33 inch tempered glass backboard is 5/16 inch thick that makes it ten times stronger
  • Concrete anchor system to install it easily, and for easy to unmount in case of moving it to another place
  • Pro style breakaway rim with a good flex due to strong spring beneath
  • The adjustable goal, height variation from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with a variation of 6 inches
  • Additional layer around the pole to provide protection from weather conditions

Note: Silverback SB60 is the most selling in-ground basketball hoop online and rated as "Amazon's Choice".


  • Breakaway rim for professional dunking and maximum protection
  • 60 inches large backboard
  • Feature of height adjustment
  • Moisture resisting layer of DuPont on the part that goes into the ground
  • Affordable basketball hoop under $1000
  • Comes with 5 years warranty
  • Some users says it vibrates a bit on aggressive plays
  • Missing anchor kit in some parcels

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5. Dominator In-Ground Basketball Hoop

“Best Outdoor Basketball Hoop”best outdoor basketball hoop

Dominator is competing with top hoops brands and gaining popularity in the United States due to their superior quality construction. This NBA/NCAA regulation size 72” in-ground system is Dominator’s flagship hoop, mostly seen in professional basketball training courts. It is designed with aircraft and watercraft industrial heat-treated aluminum, making it best for outdoor courts.

We admire the height adjustment setup, you can single-handedly adjust the hoop’s height with Dominator simple 7 crank system. I enjoyed the arena-style hooping experience on a 1/2” thick tempered glass backboard. Best of all, the hoop comes in 4 parts – you can effortlessly assemble it in no time!


Key Features:

  • 72” x 42” strong backboard is made of 1/2” thick tempered glass and a completely rust-proof frame
  • The hoop is constructed with 6061 T6 rust-resistant aluminum and stainless steel hardware, to enhance durability in outdoor conditions
  • 8” x 8” thick pole with 6” x 6” strong extension arm for maximum strength
  • 7 easy cranks with 1/2” increment to adjust the height straight up and down from 7 to 10 feet, ideal for every age athlete
  • Stainless steel breakaway rim with all-weather nylon net, suitable for weather conditions
  • The overhang stays at 4-feet irrespective of the height, keeping the free-throw distance the same for everyone
  • Very easy to assemble and install, comes in 4 pieces (base pole, overhang arm, backboard, and rim)
  • Best of all, the hoop comes with base and anchor bolt covers to protect players from accidental collusion


  • Rust-proof aluminum construction, durable
  • Best for outdoor basketball games
  • Smooth crank height adjustment system, even easier for kids
  • Perfect in-ground hoop for competitive games
  • Very easy to assemble and install
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty (what more can you expect?)
  • Great customer service
  • A bit on the costly side, but it is worth the price
  • It requires two people to perfectly install in the ground


6. Pro Dunk Diamond Basketball System

"Largest Pole Top Rated Hoop"best basketball goal

Pro Dunk Diamond basketball hoop has the largest industrial pole with a rock-solid foundation. Suspension is 5 feet away from the pole and offers unmatched performance. Indeed, it is the best in ground basketball hoop for professional courts, parks, and backyards. The official size backboard and competition grade break-away rim offer supreme performance to athletes.

Besides being a monster of a basketball system, you can adjust the height effortlessly. Not only professionals or amateurs can play over it but it can be adjusted down to six feet for young athletes. The backboard is so solid that the manufacturer offers an unconditional backboard replacement guarantee. However, it applies to a residential pro dunk diamond system including one-time free delivery.


Key Features:

  • 72-inch high-quality ½ inch thick tempered glass delivers supreme performance
  • Largest industrial 12 x 8-inch one-piece solid pole, no other hope is bigger than pro dunk diamond
  • Unlimited adjustments between 6 to 10 feet, spring-assisted height adjustment with a simple turn of a handle
  • The suspension is 5 feet away from the pole that makes it possible to install in-ground and have the board somewhere on concrete or tiles
  • The complete goal is Zinc galvanized to protect it from rust and weather conditions – Extended Corrosion Warranty
  • Pro Dunk Diamond offers the best warranty in the market covering all plays including dunking and hanging
  • 5 gauge steel pole increases durability and it is 75% thicker than some of the best hoop brands


  • Perfect for all climates such as burning sun, snow and rain
  • Hot-dip galvanized system
  • Corrosion damage warranty
  • Unconditional backboard replacement over damages from rock, Rocks, BB guns, hurricanes, etc.
  • Adjustable height
  • Regulation size backboard
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • It is a bit costly as compare to other hoops
  • You might need some help to install it - extremely heavy

Do you love dunking? We recommend using ankle braces to protect your ankles from landing impacts and spraining.


7. Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop 54-Inch

"Cheap In Ground Basketball Hoop"lifetime hoop

Lifetime is a well-known brand that manufactures top-rated basketball hoops and always makes a place in the best hoop brands. Lifetime 71525 is a high-quality basketball hoop with a hundred percent shatterproof backboard that is made of Polycarbonate. backboard. Moreover, the board is made to withstand the intensities of weather. In particular, this wonderful model is wear-resistant and the manufacturer claims it will last a life span.

Best of all: this particular model is famous for its durability for high-intensity plays. The goal is completely powder-coated for rust protection, an all-weather nylon rim supported with double compression springs for a super dunk. Finally, a feature that makes it outstanding is the easy height adjustment.

Key Features:

  • 54-inch professional-looking shatterproof backboard made of solid Makrolon polycarbonate
  • Easy adjustability with 6-inch increments from 7.5 feet to 10 feet height with power lift height adjustment mechanism
  • All-weather nylon net backed with durable double compression spring for intense dunking
  • 3-piece powder-coated steel solid 3.5 inch round pole
  • The backboard is padded for maximum protection
  • Pretty simple to set up within a short time and there is no need of another hand to help, however, an assistant would make it easier for you


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty from manufacturer
  • Easy height adjustment system without any effort
  • Durable all-weather nylon net
  • Parts are coated and weather-resistant
  • Cheapest in ground basketball hoop
  • The base must be set in the concrete for a day to dry out before you assemble the rest of the hoop
  • Not as sturdy as the one piece solid poles


8. Spalding "888" Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop

"Best Outdoor Basketball Hoop"spalding basketball goal

A backyard is a place where basketball athletes grow like a weed and flourish to become legends. Spalding - a renowned brand for producing quality products for basketball sports has manufactured a best in ground basketball system for backyards and outdoor courts. Particularly the exceptional tempered glass backboard for trust rebound. Moreover, the steel rim is quite smooth and competition breakaway for solid dunks.

And the good news: the sturdiness and stability comes from one piece solid pole. Also, the supportive height adjustment mechanism makes it useable for different height athletes. The backboard is strong with padding all around which makes it a firm unit. This basketball system gets delivered equipped with a pole for safety. Spalding basketballs are also leading the industry such as Spalding NBA Replica and Spalding NBA Street are good indoor and outdoor basketballs.


Key Features:

  • Spalding 888 series basketball system is available in 3 different sizes: (72″ x 42″), (60″ x 38″), and (54″ x 36″)
  • Rim is 4 feet offset from the pole
  • The backboard has additional weight and rigidity for satisfying rebound response
  • 6 inch thick one-piece solid pole to ensure the stability
  • Well-equipped padding around the pole to prevent injuries from accidental collisions
  • Flexible breakaway rim, good for dunks and hanging
  • Easily adjustable mechanism to adjust the height from 7 to 10 feet with 6-inch increments


  • Perfect hoop for driveways and backyards
  • Very sturdy
  • Backed by Spalding Warranty, check Return Policy
  • Easily detachable handle
  • U-turn pro lift for effortless height adjustment
  • Some users found missing net in the parcel
  • You may find it shaky if base isn't placed firmly

Here are the top rated Spalding Hoops by basketball professionals.


9. Silverback NXT 54" In-Ground Basketball Goal

“Best In Ground Hoop for Driveway”best in ground hoop for driveway

The Silverback NXT 54-inch is an ideal basketball hoop for a driveway. This adjustable goal is designed to last for decades. Safety glass backboard is protected with padding to prevent it from hitting the shaft accidentally. Moreover, the manufacturer put extra attention to the hoop’s stability, the pole gets filled with concrete for maximum firmness.

Best of all, this basketball hoop comes partially assembled and takes less time to make it game-ready. Besides having an arena-style design and awesome responsiveness, this hoop does not compromise with its durability and strength.


Key Features:

  • Backboard: 54” x 33″ infinity edge style folding backward provides extreme rigidity and prevents it from flexing
  • Adjustable height to the NBA and NCAA regulations: easy to adjust the height from 7.5’ to 10’ with the help of a steel crank actuator
  • Defensive powder-coated steel frame resists against outdoor climates and prevents the hoop from rusting
  • Stability: the pole gets filled with concrete while installation to provide ultimate stability and strength
  • Breakaway rim: professional-style breakaway rim offers the experience of a professional basketball game. Spring-activated rim flexes under pressure to protect the backboard and players from injuries
  • Easy to install just within 90-minutes (verified by users)


  • Perfect in-ground hoop for adults and kids
  • The extra thick tempered glass backboard
  • Easy height adjustment system
  • Super sturdy
  • Comes with a pole pad and backboard pad
  • Lifetime warranty on backboard even while dunking
  • Accessories to set-up are not included
  • Not suitable for aggressive dunking

Read about the most durable basketball hoops for driveway.


10. Ironclad Game Changer In-Ground Adjustable Hoop

"Best Basketball Hoop for Dunkingbest outdoor basketball hoop

The Ironclad Game Changer in-ground basketball hoop GC55-LG is an excellent addition to any basketball court. This adjustable hoop is perfect to practice dunking in the backyard or driveway. The 5"x5" pole is made of strong steel, it is solid and can withstand all weather conditions including rain, snow, ice and hail, etc.

No doubt – it is one of the highest quality basketball goals. The convenient anchor bolt mounting system makes it easier to install. It is a perfect hoop for both - kids and adults due to the simple height adjustable system. If you are looking for a hoop that will offer realistic basketball action and lasts for years or even decades, this adjustable in-ground goal will be perfect.


Key Features:

  • The backboard is 60” x 30” made of 5/16″ thick tempered glass
  • 12 gauge 5” x 5” one-piece square pole, it is thick, firm and offers superior rigidity even under slam dunk actions
  • Adjustable height from 7½ feet to 10 feet using a rear crank actuator, makes it suitable for children and adults
  • The backboard is 30” offset from the pole, it prevents players to contact with the post while playing
  • High-quality gymnasium style breakaway rim offers a realistic dunking experience at home
  • Each component of game-changer 55LG is black powder-coated to protect it from every type of weather condition
  • The hoop gets installed using zinc platted assembly bolt and anchor system, which makes it easier to relocate


  • Perfect in-ground hoop for adults and kids
  • The extra thick tempered glass backboard
  • Easy height adjustment system
  • Super sturdy
  • Comes with a pole pad and backboard pad
  • Lifetime warranty on backboard even while dunking
  • It is heavy, requires 3 4 adults to install it

The above-mentioned basketball hoops are our recommended. In addition, we have also read good reviews about the following in ground basketball hoops


Factors to Consider before Buying Best In Ground Basketball Hoop

When you are ready to buy an in-ground basketball hoop, look for the following features before finalizing the model.

features of best in ground basketball system

1. Size of the Hoop

The size determines whether kids or adults can shoot hoops. For children under 12 years old, a regulation-size goal with 7-foot height is suitable while teenage boys and men will need taller sizes usually 8 to 10 feet.

The backboard should be minimum 44 inches for kids and younger players. However, if you are practicing for professional leagues - we recommend a 54 and 60 inches backboard.


2. Backboard Material

The standard material of backboards has been tempered glass since the 1970s but today’s models also come with acrylic panels that are either fixed on top of tempered glass or replaceable over it. Acrylic is more durable than glass and scratch resistant too which means your ball does not leave permanent marks on the backboard. Also, it is less expensive than glass which means you can easily get backboard replacement without breaking your bank.


3. Rim Material

The standard material for hoops is galvanized steel or stainless steel but today's models also come with bent aluminum and rubber over steel tubing instead of solid steel construction. Aluminum rims are lighter than steel ones; however, aluminum dries out quicker and may crack after long use.

Polycarbonate rims are new to the market since they offer safety features like shatterproof design that will not sting as dropped basketball does. Rubber rimming offers more safety measures while you also get an adjustable heights option in some models. However, rubber lasts longer so you have to spend more money when adjusting the height.


4. Rim Size and Seating Depth

Hoops come in two different sizes; over-the-rim or above rim style. Oversized hoops are more stable which means they stay up longer during playtime, however, you may find it difficult to make shots since your ball hits the rim instead of the net if it is heavy enough (over 35 ounces). A smaller hoop lets you make more shots but it may not be stable enough during playtime. The seating depth is from the rim to the pole and recommended size of this space is 18 inches or deeper for stability reasons.


5. Padding on Pole

The pole is usually surrounded with foam padding to protect the hoop from scratches while also absorbing some of the vibrations when you shoot and make a basket. It also serves as a safety feature that protects players from getting injured by accident collusion. Some models come with standard padding while others offer upgraded cushioning for more safety and comfort.


6. Depth and Weight Needed For Installation

This depends mainly on the type of surface where you will put your hoop. Standard height hoops need at least 12 inches depth while those that go over the rim need around 18 inches since they are larger than the standard size model (36 inches diameter).

Steel backboard models weigh more compared to acrylic ones which means you would need a strong foundation with a concrete footer, thick steel plate or very large wooden post in order to bear their weight.


7. Pricing

Most people look for the cheapest deals while buying in-ground basketball hoops since everyone wants to save money on something useful. However, cheap models tend to have plastic parts which will break easily after a few uses at least.

Go for better quality instead if you want a decent hoop that can survive through kids’ rough playtime without too much damage over time. Eventually, the price difference won't matter much as long as your goal stays solid stand against all weather conditions.


8. Warranty

In general, the warranty only covers replacement for defective parts and does not include damage due to weather conditions or any other factors which you should consider. The last thing you want is to pay a huge sum of money on a new goal because your old one was damaged by kids who used it as a trampoline. We recommend purchasing a hoop that is backed by at least 10 years warranty.



Guide to Install In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Having your own basketball hoop in your backyard is the best to stay fit, ensures good health and your kids can also train for as long as they want. Perhaps your children will show much interest and shape their career in basketball sports. Rather than having a portable basketball hoop, a fixed in-ground goal is better and it is not rocket science to install it. However, the installation process is time taking and requires a little manpower.

See what is the height of a basketball hoop to train like a professional player.

Things Required to Install Basketball Hoop

  • ​Spade
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • Cement Trowel
  • Tape Measure
  • Stir Rod
  • Level
  • Auger
  • Water
  • 10-15 60 lb Bags of Dry Concrete Mix
  • Screwdriver
  • Rubber Mallet
  • 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench
  • Steel Punch
  • Stepladder

Below is the step by step guide of basketball hoop installation;


Step One: Choose the Place Carefully

in ground hoop drivewaySelecting a location is the most critical and essential part of installing a hoop. However, if you have selected a location, call the municipality to confirm if there is no utility pipe or other lines before start digging. Additionally, consult with your neighbors and read community rules before putting up a fixed basketball goal.




Step Two: Dig a Hole

install basketball hoopThis is the most difficult part depending on the ground conditions. Read the recommended dimensions of the hole's size provided by the manufacturers of that particular model. There is no need for specific tools to dig the hole, you can either use a shovel, or an auger, or other digging tools. However, it is recommended to read the manual for instructions before starting to dig.


Step Three: Concrete

basketball goal installationAfter you have dug the hole and cleaned it up, put a 3 to 6-inch thick layer of gravel at the bottom for drainage. Press and tamp down the gravel to get a flat surface. Mix the concrete and place it aside, do not start putting concrete in the hole.

Place the pole vertically in the hole, stand it straight at 90 degrees, and place some stones and brick pieces around it. Ask someone to hold it straight at the level and start adding concrete. Make sure you do not install the backboard at this stage, just place the pole alone and fix it first. Now, pour the concrete without moving the pole and brace the pole so that it stays straight while the process of drying. It takes about 24 to 72 hours for the concrete to dry.

how to install in ground basketball hoopMeanwhile, get your other hardware equipment and assemble the rest of the goal. In particular, fix the backboard and rim to the hoop.




Step Four: Final Touch

Once the concrete is dry and the pole is sturdy and standing solid, fix the backboard unit on it along with the rim and tight nut bolts nicely. Adjust the hoop to the desired height if you have an adjustable hoop. We recommend setting the height at 10 feet. Indeed, the adjustable hoops come with a size sticker that helps with easy adjustment.

Once your basketball hoop is set to enjoy hours of dunking, you can always install accessories later such as paint lines and court lights for night plays.


Fantastic Video Tutorial of Goalrilla In-Ground Hoop Installation


Video by Rogue Engineer


Final Verdict

Indeed it is difficult to make a decision and choose the best in ground basketball hoop for Outdoor Courts out of so many options. However, we have made it easier for you with the above-mentioned detailed features and downsides of each hoop. In case you are still confused and find it difficult to select one, set a budget then go for the below recommendations.

Budget-friendly - if you are low on budget and still need a hoop to satisfy your passion, go for Lifetime 71525 Adjustable Basketball Hoop. It is available at affordable prices and also tagged at Amazon's Choice. Certainly, it offers great features for the value of money.

Mid-Range Hoop - on the other hand, if you are prepared to spend some extra for a good hoop, there is no other hoop that performs better than Silverback SB60 at this price. It is also tagged as Amazon's Choice and considered to be the best in ground basketball hoop under $1000.

Premium Hoop - however, if budget is not an issue and you want to purchase a hoop that is firm like a mountain and performs the best, go for Goalrilla FT Series Hoop. You will never need to spend your cash to purchase another hoop because it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Note: Pro Dunk hoops are currently unavailable, our second recommendation as the best in ground basketball system is Goalrilla FT Series Basketball System.


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

How much does it cost to put a basketball hoop in ground?

Installing a basketball hoop in ground professionally costs around $450 on average. That includes materials like concrete and other supporting material, and labor. The job is done in two trips usually, professionals will dig a hole and set the base on the first trip and wait for it to get dry and stand solid, then they would come and assemble the rest of the hoop. However, installing a hoop on a wall or rooftop is much easier and costs less money because there is no concrete involved.


Is 72 inch background too big for a driveway?

It totally depends on the size of the driveway. Basketball hoops come in sizes between 44 inches to 72 inches. If your drive is just for one car, then I would recommend going for 44 to 48 inches. On the other hand, if the driveway is for two cars then ideally a 54 inches backboard would be perfect. 72 inches backboard hoop is usually for institutes and park courts, but if the driveway is bigger than the usual size then it wouldn't be an issue installing it.


What is the best basketball goal?

Goalrilla GS-54 Basketball System is the best basketball goal. Below is a list of best basketball goals along with their ranking factors;

  1. Pro Dunk Hercules - Best High-end basketball hoop
  2. Goalrilla GS-54 Basketball System - Best Adjustable In Ground Hoop
  3. Silverback SB60 - High-Quality Professional Hoop
  4. Pro Dunk Diamond Basketball System - Largest Pole Top Rated Hoop
  5. Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop - 54-Inch - Cheap In Ground Basketball Hoop
  6. Spalding "888" Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop - Best In Ground Adjustable Hoop


Does Goalrilla make Goaliath?

Goalrilla and Goaliath both basketball hoops are manufactured by the same company. However, Goalrilla is considered to be better performing and a bit costly. Goaliath 60 inch Ignite In-Ground Basketball Hoop is the top-rated goal of Goaliath series.


Is a 54 inch backboard big enough?

Yes, a 54 inch backboard is big enough and we highly recommend using a basketball backboard not less than 54" for adults. However, there are hoops available in the market with boards from 44 inches but for professional training and polishing your skills, at least 54 inches backboard is recommended. You will not be able to perform bank shots if it is less than the stated size.


How many bags of concrete do I need for the basketball hoop?

Instructions from most of the basketball companies inform you that you may need around 11 to 12 concrete bags, but I would say stock up to 14 Quikrete mix concrete bags. There is nothing wrong with having a couple of extra bags in hand while you are busy installing the hoop. In case of a mess or any accidental miss-hap, you will still be sorted and the work will not go pending.


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