Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2022 – Most Durable Street Shoes

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Basketball athletes know that there is a huge difference between playing the game on indoor and outdoor courts. Indoor basketball courts usually have hardwood floors and steady temperatures. On the other hand, outdoor courts are either painted concrete or compound rubber with all the weather conditions you can think of. Therefore, you need the best outdoor basketball shoes in 2022 instead of crappy sneakers that can withstand the beating of a rough surface and lasts longer.

Unfortunately, the known manufacturers of basketball products do not focus much on outdoor shoes. Indoor shoes will not withstand the weather changes particularly a hot sunny day, cold breeze, or chilled cloudy. Hence, along with purchasing the best outdoor basketball, you should also consider spending a few bucks on the right shoes for outdoor courts.

And the good news: outdoor basketball shoes do not cost a fortune as an indoor game. So, it worths having a pair to play with your friends in the street or a park. But, keep the following features in mind before buying a good pair;

  • The outdoor basketball shoes have wide deep traction grooves
  • The bottom sole is made from composite, hard durable rubber
  • Outdoor basketball shoes feel stronger and tougher as compared to indoor pair

As I mentioned above, shoes for outdoor basketball do not cost a fortune, because they will not last for long no matter how solid they are. Thus, purchase a pair of affordable outdoor basketball shoes and that will serve you perfectly.

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best outdoor basketball shoes

10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Concrete Streets

Here is a list of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes in 2022 with their qualities and prices; these shoes have durable outsoles and last long on outside concrete courts.

No.Basketball ShoeQualityPrice
1Nike LeBron Soldier XIII SFGGood for Ankle Support
2Nike LeBron 17Best Nike Basketball Shoes
3Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball ShoeLightest Basketball Shoes
4Under Armour SC 3zer0 IIIMost Comfortable Basketball Shoes
5Nike KD Trey 5 VIIIBest Traction Basketball Shoes
6Nike Air Precision High-Top MeshBest Mens Basketball Shoes
7adidas Ownthegame Wide Basketball ShoeWide Basketball Shoes
8Nike LeBron Witness IV ShoeBest Low Top Basketball Shoes
9adidas Harden Stepback Basketball ShoeCheapest Basketball Shoes
10Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball ShoeBest Budget Basketball Shoes


Top Picks


Under Armour SC 3zerO lii

most comfortable basketball shoes

  • Micro G® Foam Sole Cushion
  • Dynamic Stitching
  • Durable Synthetic Leather



Nike Lebron Soldier XIII SFG

best outdoor basketball shoes

  • Lace-less Design
  • Grippy Sole
  • Responsive Cushion



adidas Ownthegame Wide Shoes

wide basketball shoes

  • Textile Inner Lining
  • Thick Shaft
  • Cloudfoam Cushion



1. Nike LeBron Soldier XIII SFG

“Good for Ankle Support”best outdoor basketball shoes

LeBron James is known as the king of the NBA and of course not without a reason. Nike always backed him up with the great shoes and new addition in the series Soldier XIII. Particularly, the elegant high-top design makes it outstanding and availability in multicolor designs is remarkable. Not only it is good-looking but built especially for speed and performance. Best of all, the supportive lace-less shoes are easy to wear yet offer a locked-in feel.


Key Features:

  • Nike LeBron Soldier 13 fits true to size and all the athletes felt it comfortable
  • The lace-less design having 2 upper straps makes it surprisingly easy to wear and take them off
  • LeBron soldier 13 provides an outstanding lockdown feel and support
  • This pair of shoes has flexible inner sleeves along with enhanced cushioning feels luxurious, it is more responsive than the previous model of the series
  • Soldier 13 basketball shoes have a very grippy outsole and the best tractions because of a consistent pattern
  • This pair is quite stable and offers great support for movements regardless of the court conditions


  • Considered to be one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support
  • Durable rubber outsole with herringbone traction
  • You can customize LeBron Soldier 13 shoes
  • Innovative slip-lock due to two straps, on tap and around the ankle
  • Responsive cushion and lightweight shoes
  • It can get pretty hot inside in a hot sunny day

Expert's Opnion:

I personally prefer basketball shoes with ankle support because they minimize the chances of injuries while sudden moves. And, if you find a branded shoe with high-ankle and good for outdoor courts, that should be your first choice. Jordan XIII boosts your performance on outdoor courts. Durable rubber sole and good traction are all you need to fight on concrete streets.

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2. Nike LeBron 17

"Best Nike Basketball Shoes"best nike basketball shoes

As we know LeBron James is the champion of the NBA, this Nike LeBron 17 is considered to be equipped with his speed and strength. Featuring lightweight mix knitting and yarns molded with heat makes it comfortable and durable. In addition, the combined cushioning technology offers impressive support and a responsive powerful return. Moreover, the consistent traction pattern offers a solid grip on the ground. The classic herringbone pattern feels like a muscle cell and provides rigidity for good performance on indoor and outdoor courts.

This pair would make a great basketball gift for your partner.


Key Features:

  • Especially designed for LeBron to deliver the best basketball performance
  • Nike LeBron 17 has the largest heel Max Air unit that absorbs more power than any other design and delivers responsive force
  • Available in vibrant visible designs and has maximum volume unite under the football to deliver fast action
  • Continues pattern under the shoe provides rigid traction and better grip on the court
  • Easy to put on and take off due to its wide collar and traditional tongue, additionally it offers a locked-in feel along with great comfort
  • Soft and fluffy feel due to the foam pad under the max air unit and it adds extra cushion in the heel of the shoe
  • It fits perfectly providing enough stability to move better in the court


  • It has ankle support
  • One of the lightest basketball shoes
  • Solid rubber sole with good traction for good grip
  • Flexible to maximum comfort and easy wear
  • Max Air unit for responsive force
  • Pricey
  • The shoe may need periodic wiping on a court which is full of dust

Expert's Opinion:

As we all know that Nike is known for manufacturing the best quality shoes, but not every Nike sneaker will be durable enough to last longer on an asphalt surface. However, the LeBron 17 passed our testing criteria and had minimum torn-lines on the outsole even after days of outdoor wearing. The best part about this pair was the responsive largest heel Max Air unit that helps you jump higher and protects you from landing impacts.

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3. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoes

"Lightest Basketball Shoes"best outdoor basketball shoes

Under Armour is one of the most consistent companies that manufacture high-quality sports products. This 2nd family member in the basketball shoe line is super solid and perfect shoes for hardwood and concrete. I prefer this shoe especially for its lightweight and full-length micro molded upper mesh. Indeed this pair of shoes is made of premium material that feels good in the hand, feels comfortable on the feet, and looks great on the basketball court.


Key Features:

  • The synthetic textile upper part delivers great comfort and enhances breathability
  • Molded thick sole
  • Webb like lacing of the shoe with the option of customized fit offers a locked-in feeling
  • Netted tongue to enhance airflow and prevent feet from getting too sweaty
  • Easy to wear due to half bootie lining with traditional tongue for smooth entry
  • UA HOVR technology for zero gravity along with the UA HOVR foam helps to deliver powerful responsive energy
  • Midfoot TPU shank enfolds around the bottom to provide maximum stability
  • In particular, the outsole is made of rubber using a herringbone traction pattern offering ultimate grip and control
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support


  • Improved airflow
  • EVA sockliner provides cushion
  • Thick responsive sole
  • Very strong support along with comfortable feel
  • Inconsistent traction and not very grippy on smooth courts

Expert's Opinion:

Who does not love minimal-weight basketball shoes? Well, I do! I'm not exaggerating - but this pair unleashed my performance. I enjoy dunking and these shoes did not hold me back due to weight. I experienced a perfect court feel even though it has a thick rubber sole. Perfect locked-in, feels like a feather due to Hover Zero gravity technology and responsive cushioning.

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4. Under Armour SC 3zer0 III

"Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes"most comfortable basketball shoes

Under Armour Men SC 3Zero is one of the best outdoor basketball shoes that provide great support and stability. It is made of carbon fiber shank and particularly rated for balance to the feet and maintains good support during the game. Especially, this pair is known for being lightweight outdoor shoes that are comfortable to wear for hours on basketball courts. The durable rubber sole has awesome traction because of various directional patterns and provides solid grip and control on outdoor surfaces.


Key Features:

  • The perforated upper part of the shoe is made of durable synthetic leather to enhance breathability
  • Internal comfort and easy to wear due to half bootie construction
  • The soft cushion around the ankle collar to provide heel stability and comfort
  • Micro G® foam sole cushion supports great landings and explosive response in taking off
  • The sole is made of durable rubber with a herringbone traction pattern to provide ultimate floor control
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch
  • With the use of dynamic stitching, the quarter panel is combined with the knit sleeve


  • Very solid with great cushioning
  • Great fit and have a wide toe box for a comfortable walk or run
  • Interior cushioning
  • Durable rubber sole that lasts long
  • Carbon fiber shank
  • The micro-G cushioning is very firm
  • Not suitable for impact protection

Expert's Opinion:

I heard some good reviews about UA SC 3Zero being comfortable pair and tried them on outdoor courts. Well, performance and build wise they are good - but I could feel the cushioning felt a bit hard on concrete. There wasn't any issue with the traction or the support. However, heels had some effect of landing impacts.

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5. Nike KD Trey 5 VIII

“Best Traction Basketball Shoes”best traction basketball shoes

The Nike KD Trey 5 VIII shoes are particularly designed to provide great comfort and solid traction on outdoor courts. The durable rubber sole lasts long on the concrete ground and provides solid anti-slip traction. Being available at a relatively low price, this pair has awesome impact protection cushioning and competes with some expensive shoes outdoors.


Key Features:

  • Durable rubber outsole ensures lastingness on asphalt surfaces
  • Multidirectional wavy traction pattern enhances ground grip and assists with a quick stop and start, and abrupt moves in any direction
  • The midsole has dual-density foam for optimum comfort
  • Introduced Nike Renew cushioning technology for extra stability and added responsiveness
  • A padded tongue and perforated padded mid-high collar around the ankle provides a cozy and safe fit
  • Two layers of lightweight textile upper ensure breathability


  • Awesome traction even on dirty outdoor courts
  • Good impact protection due to padded footbed
  • Durable outsole
  • No break-in requires, game-ready out of the box
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Shoe runs a bit narrow
  • Lack in containment

Expert's Opinion:

Are you in the defense and often fall over ankle breaks? I would recommend trying KD Trey 5 VIII! This pair has exceptional traction that will hold you on the ground no matter what. Solid outsole and impact protection cushioning make this pair one of the best shoes for outdoor basketball games. However, these are not for wide feet athletes.


6. Nike Air Precision High-Top Mesh

"Best Mens Basketball Shoes"best mens basketball shoes

If you are looking for lightweight basketball sneakers, indeed the Nike Air Precision is a good choice. This pair isn't so fancy yet functional and equipped with essential features to perfectly hoop the ball. The solid rubber outsole delivers outstanding traction support. Moreover, they are also rated for being one of the lightest basketball shoes with Phylon responsive foam. In addition to other awesome features, the Air unit in the heel helps absorb shocks and deliver impact protection.


Key Features:

  • This pair of Nike shoes offer ankle braces for extra support around the ankles
  • Nike Air Precision is a good basketball shoe for outdoor courts due to its solid rubber outsole and dense foam
  • Sturdy grip and better control on the clean court, but not on the dusty surface
  • Upper and middle soles are made of lightweight materials
  • The padded ankle area, upper and tongue offers great comfort
  • The Air precision shoe is quite breathability due to mesh upper
  • Easy to wear and take off due to lower cut and it enhances mobility


  • Very comfortable
  • Available at affordable price
  • Durable shoe and perfect for outdoor basketball
  • Phylon foam support
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Some users found it a little high-pitched
  • Midsole cushion feels a bit firm

Expert's Opnion:

Good shoes to play basketball on a hard surface. It was good on aggressive moves, agility and support were on the point. However, cushioning is a bit of an issue. I would not recommend wearing these shoes if you are planning to play for hours - your feet will start hurting and you may end up with red toes.


7. adidas Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoes

"Wide Basketball Shoes"wide basketball shoes

Adidas never disappoints producing better shoes for basketball athletes. This time they have done a great job creating soft insole and outsole. And the good news: this pair is specially designed for heavyweight athletes and suitable for wide feet. The Adidas Ownthegame is manufactured with cloudfoam footbed that offers great freshness and softness. Hence, if you are a big man and have wide feet, you will definitely fall in love with this durable pair having insole padding.


Key Features:

  • Mesh upper with coated 100% synthetic leather parts
  • Durable rubber sole enhances its life even on a hard surface
  • Thick shaft approximately 6 to 12 inches from the arch
  • Around 3-inch wide boot opening
  • Especially designed considering wide fit and mid-cut
  • Shoelaces to ensure a perfect locked-in feeling
  • Textile lining along with durable Adiwear outsole with heel pull


  • Cloudfoam cushioning for comfortable clutch moves
  • Available at affordable price
  • Very supportive mid top design
  • Mesh upper wave made from synthetic material
  • Easy to wear a lightweight shoe
  • Adidas could have improved its quality
  • Some users find them a little stiff

Expert's Opnion:

Most of the online platforms are selling Adidas Ownthegame because they trust the quality and have good remarks by users. I found them a little hard when they were new, the agility wasn't on the spot and sideway moves were troubling a bit. However, they got softened after playing a couple of basketball games on street and observed them performing better and better after the break-in.

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8. Nike LeBron Witness IV Shoes

"Best Low Top Basketball Shoes"best low top basketball shoes

New Nike LeBron witness basketball shoe pays great tribute to this series. This pair allows you to possess great force on the court and unleash power by feeling light below your feet. The tongue and padded collar make it breathable and least sweaty. In addition, the visible cushioning under the ball assists with absorbing landing and responsive energy with each step. However, there is nothing spectacular on the shoe's upper part, a regular mesh setup but functional.


Key Features:

  • Shoelaces for easy entry and smart fit adjustment
  • Additional tab on the tongue to easily pull it for effortless fix
  • Upper is breathable and made of synthetic mesh, perfectly rounded toe
  • Collar offers a cozy fit
  • Selected featherposite zones offer stability and good ankle support
  • Comfortable cushioned insole along with soft fabric lining provides a cozy feeling while wearing it
  • The outsole is specially designed with a durable rubber for long-lasting


  • Lightweight with great grip
  • Good ankle support and cushioning
  • Reasonable traction
  • Incredibly responsive
  • Molded lion detail on heel
  • Some users find them too tight, we recommend ordering one size up
  • Not suitable for wide toes

Expert's Opinion:

Nike is known for designing quality basketball shoes especially for the outdoors. The LeBron Witness IV has an engineered outsole that will withstand the harshness of the asphalt surface and offer you support for a long while. This pair was comfortable, felt cozy and lightweight. However, these shoes run a bit narrow and that's a drawback - not suitable for wide toe athletes.


9. adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoes

"Cheapest Basketball Shoes"cheapest basketball sneakers

Adidas has brought a new James Harden model that is considered a budget outdoor basketball shoe. The traditional design of herringbone and traction pattern performs well on clean basketball courts. However, it picks up dust easily on a dirty court. Indeed, the material is unexpectedly satisfactory for being available at such a low price. The bounce cushion is quite firm and responsive, but the impact protection is not out of the mark.


Key Features:

  • adidas Harden basketball shoes are lightweight
  • Mesh upper is especially designed with textile to enhance breathability
  • The main focus is on the comfort of the athlete from the moment you step into the time you take them off after the games
  • Forefoot is designed a little wider to accommodate big players
  • Cushioned midsole flex with your foot for easy breakdown
  • The shaft is around 6 to 12 inches from the arch and the platform measures up to 3 inches
  • Regular fit with shoelaces to lock-in


  • Durable traction outsole
  • Cushioned insole with soft fabric lining
  • Padded high collar and soft tongue for support
  • Synthetic toe cap
  • Available in stylish colors
  • Some of the users found toe area a bit uncomfortable
  • Picks up dust easily on a dirty court

Expert's Opinion:

We try to accommodate every budget basketball player, that's why we test low-priced shoes to assist economic consumers. adidas Harden Stepback performed well on the streets, with good support and properly locked-in comfort. However, the rubber of its outsole picks up dirt from the court resulting in losing traction after some time. We recommend keeping clean clothe with you to wipe the sole during the game.

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10. Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Shoes

"Best Budget Basketball Shoes"best budget basketball shoes

Under Armour lockdown 4 has great support and ideal for outdoor basketball due to the rubber sole and traction pattern. You can move freely on the court with great grip and it ensures to offer you speed. Especially the underfoot support and lightweight with an additional breathable sock liner. Thus, your feet will stay dry because of the mesh top and are sweat-free. Indeed, it is one of the best outdoor basketball shoes with heel counter locks and stability. Athletes reviewed that this pair provides exceptional movements on the court.


Key Features:

  • Molded 100% synthetic material
  • Durable rubber sole ideal for concrete courts and will not wear down easily
  • Perforated breathable upper provides dry and comfortable throughout the game
  • Injected molded EVA midsole provides a great responsive ride while keeping the weight light
  • Also, underfoot cushioning provides good support
  • Expressive traction patterns allow exceptional movements on the court and


  • Adaptive traction pattern
  • Perforated breathable upper to keep the feet dry
  • Very supportive shoes
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Cushioned sockliner for cozy support
  • Some of the users didn’t prefer the look of it
  • The inner sole could be more comfortable

Expert's Opinion:

If you are low on funds and looking for cost-effective outdoor basketball shoes, try UA Lockdown 4 - you will not be disappointed with its performance. Its durable rubber sole does not wear down quickly and offers great support throughout the game. We loved its responsive cushioning, UA claims that they introduced Injected molded EVA midsole for added comfort.


Guide to Buy the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

It will be easier for you to pick the right pair if you know what differentiates the outdoor basketball shoes from the indoor pair. If you like a shoe which I haven’t mentioned in my list, you’ll be able to decide whether that pair will be good for outdoor courts or not. Consider the following features before buying shoes for outdoor basketball in 2022;


Durable Rubber Outsole

durable rubber soleA shoe consists of three parts mainly – the outsole, midsole, and upper part. The outsole is the most exposed area to the court and it suffers from the harshness of the surface. If it is not durable enough to withstand the roughness of a concrete surface, the shoe might end up having a slick outsole or holes in it.

In our experience, shoes with solid and dense rubber outsole were able to bear the beating of asphalt court conditions. Plus, they provide great support while ensuring the longevity of the shoe.

We recommend choosing a branded pair by Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour that is especially designed for outdoor basketball. You will be certain of the durability due to the brand’s credibility. However, if you aren’t willing to spend that much, some of the Chinese brands also make the best outdoor basketball shoes such as Beita Anti Slip and Peak Lou Williams Streetball Master (Best Seller on Amazon).


Traction Pattern

best traction shoesThe outsole traction pattern enhances the ground grip and control over movements. Wide traction patterns with deep grooves are better for outdoors because they attract lesser dirt as compared to narrow traction patterns. As a result, the groove will stay clean and have a solid court grip.

The herringbone pattern is considered to be good for outdoor courts. They offer solid traction and better control. Moreover, the herringbone pattern helps with multidirectional quick moves.


Durable Upper Material

breathable basketball shoesAlthough the upper part of the shoe does not connect with the surface directly, it is still important to look for durable material. Opponents intend to step on your toes while playing the abrupt basketball game. Hence, weak material upper will not survive more than a couple of weeks and start tearing apart.

Moreover, if you purposely drag your toes while quick moves, you should consider the durability of the upper part as well. Also, remember the material should be lightweight and breathable to keep the foot comfortable. Proper airflow reduces the chances of sweat and keeps your feet dry to enjoy playing for longer. We recommend high-quality mesh or fuse will be the best upper material for street basketball shoes.


Comfortable Cushioning

basketball shoes cushioningPlaying basketball on outdoor courts is more difficult than playing indoors. Indoor courts are designed to boost performance while affecting less on the joints. Thus there are fewer chances of getting injuries while playing indoors.

On the other hand, streets and concrete courts do not offer this comfort and act ruthlessly on the joints. There, the midsole cushioning plays its part to provide comfort. Moreover, cushioning helps players to jump higher and absorb shocks while hard landings. Make sure to choose outdoor basketball sneakers with comfortable cushioning.


Budget Friendly

cheap shoesOutdoor basketball shoes have a shorter lifespan as compared to fancy indoor shoes. No matter how expensive they are, and how serious you are about taking care of them, they will perform efficiently only a couple of seasons. We do not recommend spending a fortune on street basketball shoes. Rather purchase cheaper shoes, but make sure of the durability.



Tips to Take Care of Basketball Shoes

It is necessary to take care of basketball shoes to ensure longevity. We recommend following these tips to increase basketball shoe lifespan;

  • Remove stuck paddles and small stones from the grooves. Take a toothpick to push them out gently without hurting the traction pattern
  • Take an old toothbrush or a scrubbing brush to scrub away the remaining dirt
  • After that, remove stains from the upper part and outsole by using a damp cloth
  • Unlace the laces and take out the removable sole to wash them
  • Wipe the remaining dampness from the shoe using a dry cloth or towel
  • Let them dry in the sun, insert midsole and laces once they are dried completely


Precautions to Follow

There are certain precautions that we have learned after years of experience and would advise you to follow;

  • Never wash your basketball shoes in a washing machine
  • Do not dry shoes in a tumble dryer
  • Never put your shoes near a heater or ventilator to dry
  • Never use bleach or high chemical detergents to wash sports shoes, they will ruin the color and affect the durability of the materials
  • Do not leave dirty or wet shoes in the dark, always clean them and let them dry in sun before storing them


Tips to Enhance Durability of Outdoor Basketball Shoes

increase durability of outdoor basketball shoesOutdoors can be cruel if you are playing on a court that is not designed for the actual sport. There's nothing worse than having your basketball shoes get ripped and torn apart while you are trying to shoot hoops. Even though you have the best outdoor basketball shoes that are especially designed for concrete courts, you still need to follow some tips to increase lifespan.

So what exactly should we do in order to increase durability? Here are some tips to follow in 2022:

Clean the Sole Regularly - Make sure you clean the soles regularly using a toothbrush and soapy water solution. This will remove dust and grime particles lodged between grooves that may damage the rubber over time. Sandpaper or steel wool pads should never be used to clean these parts as they can scrape away at their thickness instead of just removing the grime lodged in the grooves.

Get Rid of Moisture - For best results, proper care should be done after every game to ensure that your shoes are always clean and dry. Make sure you air out your sneakers at least once a week by stuffing them with old newspapers or rags to get rid of the moisture trapped inside the soles.

Use Correct Insoles - Always make sure you wear the correct insoles for arch support. This will help absorb impact when your feet touch the ground no matter how sturdy your basketball shoes are designed for outdoor play or not. Wearing orthopedic insoles can eliminate injuries while improving stability and overall foot health for prolonged use outdoors.

Replace Laces Often - Replace basketball shoe-laces often to avoid being held back by long lengths of loose strings that may snag onto something and eventually tear the fabric.

Use Water-Resistant Shoe Spray - If you live in an area with a lot of rain, invest in good quality water-resistant basketball shoe protector spray to keep your sneakers looking new for as long as possible.

Following these tips can help increase the durability of your best outdoor basketball shoes, but always remember that it's important to take care of them the right way to avoid any damage!



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Final Verdict

Basketball is an aggressive game especially on the outdoor courts and can be demanding at times. Shoes play an important role as they are bearing the whole stress as you turn and spin in the game. Certainly, you need a pair of good shoes to achieve maximum performance on the court. Additionally, they should be durable enough to withstand the hardships of outdoor courts from concrete floors to changing weather conditions like the basketball hoops.

There are thousands of different types of shoes in the market and all of them claim to be the right shoes for basketball. Good shoes cost more and if you choose to purchase brands, they charge a premium amount for their high-quality products. However, we have made it easier for you and provided you with details of the best outdoor basketball shoes including branded shoes. We chose these shoes considering the fact of durability and performance along with comfortable to wear.

We recommend you to purchase premium quality Nike Lebron Soldier XIII SFG Men's Basketball Shoes if you can afford. Their durability and performance are unbeatable and having your ankle covered is a plus. Under Armour SC 3zer0 III are also good shoes being midrange and yet suitable for professional games as well. Finally, Under Armour Lockdown 4 are good outdoor shoes at a low price.



Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Is it OK to wear basketball shoes outside?

No, it's not okay to wear basketball shoes outside for regular wear. The main reason is that the shoes will lose their grip because of the rough surface. And, they will be de-colored due to exposure to the sun. So, it is recommended not to use basketball shoes outside the court.


Are kyries good for outdoor?

Yes, especially the Nike Kyries 5 and Nike Kyries 6 basketball shoes because of their durable rubber outsole. Moreover, the traction pattern is significantly awesome and these shoes are especially designed considering outdoor circumstances such as hard concrete courts and weather conditions.


What is the best basketball shoe in 2022?

Nike LeBron Soldier XI is the best basketball shoe in 2022. Here is a list of our picks of the best basketball shoes

  1. Nike Lebron Soldier XI Mens Basketball Shoes - Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support
  2. Nike Lebron 17 - Best Nike Basketball Shoes
  3. Under Armour Men's HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe - Lightest Basketball Shoes
  4. Under Armour Men's SC 3zer0 Iii Basketball Shoe - Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes
  5. Nike Men's Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball - Best Mens Basketball Shoes
  6. adidas Men's Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe - Wide Basketball Shoes
  7. Nike Men's Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoe - Best Low Top Basketball Shoes
  8. adidas Men's Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe - Cheapest Basketball Shoes
  9. Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe - Best Budget Basketball Shoes


Why do NBA players wear low tops?

The low tops basketball shoes allow NBA players to move with freedom and without any pressure around the ankles. Low-tops shoes help in fast turns and quick moves.


Is it bad to wear basketball shoes every day?

No, it's not bad to wear basketball shoes every day if you wear them to play basketball. But always air them after you take off to keep them fresh. However, do not use them for casual use or other outdoor activities on daily basis.



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