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Spalding Basketball Hoops Reviews – Portable/ In-Ground/ Mini

Last Updated June 5, 2023 Last Updated December 27, 2022 by Edward Pullen

The Spalding basketball hoops are great for athletes and sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport. Whether you are looking for an in-ground hoop, portable hoop, or mini hoop, we have something that will suit your needs. The in-ground hoops are the most heavy duty and durable option while the portable option is much easier to set up or take down when needed.

No doubt the Spalding has been a trusted name in the sporting goods industry for over 130 years. They offer high-quality, durable hoops and basketballs that are designed to deliver pro-style performance. Spalding also makes a variety of indoor and outdoor backboards ranging in all possible sizes.

Most athletes prefer the portable basketball system because it is quick and easy to set up with no installation required. It’s great for kids at home or on the playground who want an instant pickup game of basketball before dinner time. This way, parents can also keep an eye on their kids.

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Best Spalding In-Ground Basketball Hoops – Sturdy & Durable

sturdy in ground basketball goalSpalding makes many models of in-ground basketball systems that are being used in many basketball leagues. These hoops are sturdy, reliable and suitable for those looking to put their hoop into the concrete of the driveway or backyard. The Spalding has several models of durable in-ground basketball hoops but we picked the best three to present here.

  1. Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball System – Super Sturdy Hoop
  2. Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop – Perfect for Jump Shots
  3. Spalding NBA Ratchet Lift – Suitable for Kids and Adults

Here are the best in ground basketball hoops in 2022.


Best Spalding Portable Basketball Hoops – Perfect for You

portable basketball hoop for dunkingSpalding also makes several portable basketball hoops that are great for those looking to take their hoop with them when they want to play in the driveway, backyard or even at work. These are much cheaper compared to other brands but have much better features than those found on other models available in the market. Whether you are a kid who wants an easy way to practice his game or someone who plays in a league and needs something easy to move around, Spalding has the options below;

  1. Spalding NCAA® Slam Jam® Over-The-Door Unit Mini Basketball Hoop – Durable Backboard to Your Doorway
  2. Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Portable Basketball Goal – Perfect for Pro Athletes
  3. Spalding Screw Jack Portable Basketball Hoop – Best for Driveway & Backyard

See which are the best portable basketball hoops in 2022.


Best Spalding Mini Basketball Hoops – Best for Indoors

over the door hoopIf you want to surprise your kids with a mini basketball hoop, Spalding offers many great models that are small and perfect to be used inside the house. Spalding makes pro-style mini hoops that fit over the door. These hoops are very affordable yet have features that you would expect from expensive models. Whether you have been practicing for years or just started learning how to play, these units will suit your needs.

  1. Spalding Shatter-proof Mini Hoop – Strongest Backboard
  2. Spalding Slam Jam Over-the-Door Basketball Hoop – Good to Practice Hooping Indoor
  3. Spalding Screw Jack Portable Basketball Hoop – Adjustable and Best Value for Money

These hoops are rated to be the best mini basketball hoops of 2022 for indoors.


Final Verdict

Spalding is a trusted name in the sporting goods industry and has been offering high quality basketball balls and hoops for years. These basketball goals are designed to deliver pro-style performance. They offer all kinds of options such as portable, in-ground, and mini basketball hoops to accommodate every style and every court.  If you are searching for a great basketball hoop for your kid or even want to install one in your driveway or backyard, these Spalding basketball hoops will surely suit your needs.

We recommend  Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop if you are looking for an in-ground sturdy option. It is designed for professional basketball players and perfect to practice dunking shots.

Spalding NCAA® Slam Jam® Over-The-Door Unit Mini Basketball Hoop – Durable Backboard to Your Doorway

And, if you are in the market to purchase a mini hoop that you can fit over the door and practice hooping, Spalding Shatter-proof Mini Hoop is the best option. Its board is very strong and almost impossible to break.

Goalrilla is also known for making high-quality basketball systems – check their hoops.


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Are Spalding basketball hoops good?

Spalding basketball hoops are good and made for hours of fun while hooping with your friends or family. These quality systems are durable, long-lasting and deliver pro-style performance. According to statistics, Spalding is one of the most preferred brands in the USA. While there are many similar models around that are being sold at lower prices, you can trust that by purchasing a Spalding product you are getting great value for money.


Why is the NBA leaving Spalding?

The NBA has been Spalding’s most notable client for the past few years. However, they have recently announced that they are switching to another company. It is not unusual to see companies trying out other manufacturers in order to get better deals. The NBA has already started selling some of their merchandise under the new name so it is clear that Spalding will be losing this contract soon.


Which basketball hoop does the NBA use?

The Spalding NBA Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System is the system currently used for all official NBA games. It is a very strong and durable hoop system that comes in different height options which allows it to be used by kids, women and pro male players. It can be adjusted from 7 feet to 10 feet high depending on what you need.