Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball – Reviews and Features

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The Spalding NBA Street outdoor basketball is extremely durable and withstand concrete courts. I call this basketball as an economy king because it is budget-friendly and yet a good ball. The ball is available in official size and you will definitely feel a significant difference in the grip as compared to other outdoor basketballs. Read the detailed features of the ball below;

Spalding NBA street


The ball features a synthetic rubber cover that gives the ball a soft feel. Unlike most outdoor basketballs, it does not have a hard surface this gives a rough feel. The rubber topping feels extremely comfortable that you will immediately feel the difference in the hand.



The pebbling of the ball gives you a soft magnetic grip no matter if you are playing in a dry or moistly court. In addition, the deep channel lines allow the player to handle the ball with an effortless grip. You literally feel your fingers sliding into the lines for a perfect grip. Furthermore, you have the complete over the ball while ball-handling in the outdoor court.



There is a common complaint about outdoor basketballs – the bounce is not consistent. But, Spalding NBA Street has relatively consistent bounce on different surfaces. The main feature to achieve a good bounce is to maintain a consistent air pressure because the ball bounces really well when it is fully inflated while you dribble.

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The outer layer of the ball is composite rubber that is very durable on asphalt or concrete outdoor courts. The ball is specifically manufactured to resist the grinding outdoor environment. It can easily resist the wet weather conditions to intense stones on outdoor fields.


Indeed, the Spalding NBA Street Indoor-Outdoor Basketball is a perfect buy and value for the money.

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Final Verdict

Certainly, the Spalding NBA Street basketball is one of the most used balls for outdoor games. It feels soft and comfortable due to the Synthetic Rubber Cover. In my own experience, I have found its grip quite magnetic and it bounces really well even on the asphalt surface.

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