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Spalding Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball – Reviews and Features

Last Updated April 22, 2024 Last Updated February 13, 2023 by Brian Aquino


Experience the ultimate outdoor basketball experience with the Spalding Street Phantom Basketball. This official NBA size and weight ball are designed to handle all your concrete court or asphalt arena needs, featuring a durable sponge rubber construction that can withstand weeks of hard play. With its soft grip technology and deep channels for improved finger alignment, you’ll be able to shoot hoops like a pro in no time. Play confidently, knowing that the Spalding Street Phantom Basketball is game ready right out of the box!

Spalding Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball


The Spalding Street Phantom Basketball has a sponge rubber design that makes it much softer to the touch than most outdoor basketballs, allowing for greater control and finer fingertip control when handling the ball. The soft grip technology adds an extra layer of comfort and cushioning to the ball so players can experience a more enjoyable playing experience.



The Street Phantom features deep channels, which give players the perfect finger alignment when handling the ball, making it easier to palm and prevent slips. This allowed for tight control of the ball and improved dribbling accuracy.



With its rubber cover, this Spalding basketball has an optimal bounce that will stay consistent even after regular outdoor use and wear and tear. This ensures that players have maximum control over their shots, as well as greater precision with their passes and layups.


This Spalding basketball is built to withstand concrete courts and asphalt arenas, whether used during pick-up games or competitive tournaments. Its durable construction guarantees that your ball won’t easily tear or puncture, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck and longer periods of play with this quality piece of equipment.


Final Verdict

Get your game on with the Spalding Street Phantom Basketball—the official size and weight of an NBA basketball! With its soft grip technology, and deep channels for ultimate control, optimal bounce, and durability, you can trust this ball to take your skills to the next level. Get ready to dominate the court like a pro! Pick up yours today!