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Best Ankle Brace for Basketball – [2024] Support for Torn Ligaments

Last Updated April 22, 2024 Last Updated February 21, 2024 by Brian Aquino

Basketball sport puts a lot of pressure on the ankle joints because of the explosive movements such as cutting, vertical jumps and landings. Players are more likely to experience ankle sprain, and 70% chances to re-sustain if they have suffered before. Obviously, no athlete would prefer to sacrifice ankle’s health. Therefore, we suggest using the best ankle brace for basketball in 2024 to protect against injuries and enhance comfort around the ankles.

The game depends on leg joints strength and stability – speaking of my 18 years of professional basketball experience. It’s true that high-ankle shoes significantly stabilize the ankles, but good ankle braces absorb the impact and provide maximum support for torn ligaments. Here, we’ll review the top rated ankle braces for basketball players from cheap sleeves to high-performance braces that most NBA players use. Pick the suitable one according to your budget and forget the fear of sprained ankles!

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best ankle brace for basketball

Best Ankle Brace for Basketball Players – Maximum Support

Here is a list of the 5 best quality ankle braces for basketball in 2024; we have found them comfortable and supportive while performing different drills such as 5-on-5, cutting and cross-overs.

No.Ankle Brace for BasketballQualitySupport LevelPrice
1Med Spec ASO Ankle StabilizerBest Fit and AffordableLevel-3
2McDavid 195 Ankle BraceBest for Ankle SupportLevel-3
3Zamst A2-DX Most Comfort Ankle BraceLevel-3
4McDavid Bio-LogixBest Grip Brace for Ankle StabilityLevel-3
5Space Brace 2.0Lightweight Ankle Brace for BasketballLevel-2


Top Picks


Med Spec ASO

quality ankle brace basketball

  • Figure-8 stabilizing straps
  • Elastic cuff closure for proper fitting
  • Flexible nylon boot


Zamst A2-DX

ankle brace for nba players

  • Figure-8 strapping design
  • EXO-TECH skeleton structure
  • 3-way support


McDavid 195

best over ankle brace for athletes

  • Figure-6 strapping
  • Soft padded lining
  • Single layer polyester fabric



1. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

“Best Fit and Affordable”top rated ankle brace for basketball

Most professional basketball players prefer the Med Spec ASO ankle brace because of its perfect fit and on-the-dot stabilizing ability. It is supportive, comfortable, made of lightweight and durable CoolFlex material. This brace safely locks in the ankle using figure-8 straps and minimizes the chances of spraining.

We listed it as the best ankle brace for basketball due to its great fitting. Its lacing system ensures the centered foot placement while the soft tongue offers good comfort. Best of all, this seamless brace will fit in any type of shoe, and comes in different sizes to accommodate narrow and big feet.


Key Features:

  • Figure-8 stabilizing straps to provide great support and protection to the ankle
  • Elastic cuff closure with secure lacing system ensure proper fitting
  • Bilateral design to fit on either of the feet
  • Manufactured with breathable and lightweight material
  • Flexible nylon boot for seamless fitting


  • Seamless ankle brace with excellent fitting
  • Slim and affordable price
  • Lightweight and superior durable
  • Suitable for any type of shoe
  • Supportive secure straps
  • It does not require inserts
  • Basic design
  • Each ankle brace is sold separately – not as a pair


2. McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

“Best for Ankle Support”best ankle brace for torn ligaments

The McDavid 195 lace-up ankle brace is designed to offer support and stability. It is flexible, super comfortable and lightweight due to the single-layer polyester fabric. This brace provides optimum protection around the ankle without sacrificing comfort. Its breathable tongue enhances breathability and the padded heel cup prevents landing impacts.

We love its easy adjustability - you can adjust this brace without removing shoes. Its figure-6 strapping pattern ensures a custom fit and good compression. McDavid promises that 195 ankle brace will provide level-3 protection (which is considered maximum).


Key Features:

  • Figure-6 strapping design for maximum support and protection
  • The soft padded lining around the ankle and heel cup ensures comfortable compression
  • Constructed with single layer polyester fabric to minimize the weight
  • Ventilated tongue to increase breathability
  • Easily adjustable lacing system that can be adjusted without removing shoes


  • Maximum protection from ankle spraining
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Stable and snug fit
  • Easily adjustable
  • Strong straps offer good compression
  • It requires break-in period to become comfortable
  • A bit bulkier because of 9 sets of eyelets


3. Zamst A2-DX

“Most Comfort Ankle Brace”best ankle brace for Stephen curry

Zamst A2-DX is a heavy-duty ankle brace that is designed especially for professional athletes. This model got recognition when Stephen Curry used it in the 2013 NBA season. This brace is designed with “dual molded Exo-Grip technology” that increases medial and lateral stability, and ensures safety over inward and outward rolling.

Basketball enthusiastic wish to wear NBA players’ shoes and ankle braces – so I gave a try to Zamst A2-DX. Indeed it is one of the most comfortable and well build ankle braces that offer anti-rolling ankle support. I literally felt the freedom of movement, probably it was due to lightweight material. I’ll highly recommend it if you want to protect your ankles while playing basketball.


Key Features:

  • The figure-8 strapping system provides 3-way support – anterior, lateral and medial
  • Plantar and cross straps are designed with an anti-migration material that prevents the foot from slipping, the X-strap ensures stability
  • Comes with two additional buffers that can be placed around the high ankle or the anklebones to enhance overall protection
  • The EXO-TECH skeleton structure provides protective support for all ankle sprains


  • Very comfortable ankle brace for basketball players
  • Anatomically correct ankle support
  • Anti-roll and anti-slip inside the shoe
  • Build for professional athletes
  • The velcro strap fastener makes it quite bulky
  • Feels awkward in the beginners


4. McDavid Bio-Logix

“Best Grip Brace for Ankle Stability”nba ankle braces

If you are looking for a performance grade ankle brace, we recommend McDavid Bio-Logix - it offers great stability and good for aggressive movements. It is flexible and especially designed with molded TPU to provide Anatomical support and maximum protection to the ankles without sacrificing comfort.

We selected it as one of the best ankle braces for basketball because it perfectly locks in the ankle and heel area and prevents slippage that causes spraining. Its durable plastic holds the joins in the anatomically correct way without freezing them for agility moves.


Key Features:

  • Integrated Figure-8 straps with heel lock for ultimate stability and under-feet support
  • Flex-Link hinge design ensures maximum support to ankle joins including Achilles tendon
  • Ergonomic molded TPU for lateral stability and memory foam padding offers comfortable protection
  • The sole is designed with anti-slip silicone to ensure anti-skid stability inside the – resulting in a good performance
  • Custom fitting and tightening adjustability for players liking


  • Body-in-motion performance
  • Lightweight and highly supportive ankle brace
  • Suitable for men and women, and for bigger kids
  • Level-3 maximum protection
  • Pain reliever for ankle conditions
  • A bit bulky
  • Not suitable for big-feet athletes

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5. Space Brace 2.0

“Lightweight Ankle Brace for Basketball”best ankle braces amazon

The Space Brace 2.0 is engineered with quick lace-up technology that makes it easier for basketball players to put on. This simple application ankle brace is fast to wear - just slip the foot inside and pull across the Velcro straps. It is lightweight due to minimal construction, yet very supportive. You can protect your ankles from bruises, spraining and other ankle injuries in no time.

We love the fact that Space Brace 2.0 offers comfortable support without compromising mobility or your agility moves while playing basketball. This sleek design ankle brace comes with extra inserts and a detachable supportive cover strap for desired support and customization fit according to your choice.


Key Features:

  • The innovative quick lace up strapping system can be adjusted single-handed within seconds
  • Soft padded ankle brace with protective inserts provide comfortable protection around the ankle and heel
  • It comes with a detachable cover strap for superior support without restricting quick moves
  • Ventilated tongue increases breathability to minimize the sweat and enhances comfort


  • Lightweight sleek design
  • Easy to put on
  • Affordable and available in various sizes
  • Comes with 2 extra inserts
  • Very comfortable
  • It won’t fit in narrow shoes
  • Not suitable for existing ankle sprained basketball players


Factors to Consider before Buying the Best Ankle Brace for Basketball

We advise basketball athletes to consider the following factors before purchasing a good ankle brace for best protection and support;


Size of the Ankle Brace

The most important factor to consider is the size of the ankle brace because it should fit well. Do not choose a brace that fits and looks good on your friend and expect it to work for you as well - size does matter! A proper fitted ankle brace with a snug fit will not only reduce slippage but also prevent further damaging of injured ankle joints by ensuring better immobilization.

Therefore, we recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines and size info carefully before finalizing a brace.

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Level of Support

Basketball players buy an ankle brace to provide maximum support to the ankle joints. So, always check the support chart before making a final decision. Ankle braces commonly come with three levels of support;

Level-1 support braces are best suited for mild ankle sprains.

Level-2 support ankle braces work well after an initial sprain or just as your everyday basketball sport brace that provides light support around the ankles.

Level-3 (Highest) braces are good for serious ankle conditions like contusion or fracture.

Make sure you buy a brace compatible with your injury severity before heading out on a basketball court. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong brace that will not provide the required protection to your ankles.


Comfort Factor

Professional basketball players are very much aware that it’s not only about blocking their opponents but also winning over them by leading from the front. Thus, wearing comfortable and breathable braces will go a long way in this process. They need to focus on stretching, passing, shooting and dribbling - they can’t afford to spend energy thinking about their comfort level because bracing an ankle properly takes additional effort and time during the game.

We suggest an antimicrobial fabric lining along with high-density padding around sensitive areas of your feet and ankles so you can see your best scores and contribute more towards the team’s victory.



Invest in the best ankle brace you can afford, because one good quality product will pay off in the long term. Avoid buying cheap and low-quality ankle braces that look stylish but offer less support and durability. Braces with higher price tags might seem expensive at first glance, but they are actually a value for money. They are constructed with high-quality material with the option of a customized fit.

And of course, you also want your chosen brace to last long - so don’t compromise on quality!

Note: Most of the brace brands issue warranties for certain products, so read the instructions carefully to claim your warranty. Moreover, find out if you can get a discount on your next product by buying online at Amazon - you may get up to 50% off values.

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Video Tutorial on How to Choose Best Ankle Brace for Maximum Protection

Video by Dr. Michael Tang


Final Verdict

There are many very good ankle braces available in the market and almost every brand promises to provide maximum protection. We found the above-mentioned braces offering maximum support and stability after using them playing basketball competitions. These braces offer great value for money with advanced features that ensure maximum protection during game time.

We recommend Zamst A2-DX if budget is not an issue. This ankle brace is especially designed for basketball athletes to provide maximum protection to the ankles. Med Spec ASO is our second recommendation, this brace fits perfectly and provides comfortable support. McDavid 195 is our third choice - it is a lightweight ankle brace that offers great comfort and stability.

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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

What are the best ankle braces for basketball players?

Zamst A2-DX is the best ankle brace for basketball. Here’s a list of the best quality ankle braces for basketball players;

  • Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer
  • Mcdavid 195 Ankle Brace
  • Zamst A2-DX
  • McDavid Bio-Logix
  • Space Brace 2.0


Are ankle braces good for basketball?

Yes, ankle braces are good for basketball because this sport mostly depends on the ankle's strength. Thus, it's very important that one should wear the best ankle brace before playing a basketball game. Wearing an Ankle Brace will give you the extra edge needed to avoid sprains by adding support to your weak/injured ankles! Also wearing them prevents future injuries.


What ankle braces does Stephen Curry use?

Stephen Curry uses Zamst A2-DX ankle braces to protect his ankles from injuries and provide compression energy for explosive performance. He suffered from ankle injuries many times and had to have surgeries but after that, he stopped going back, wore it on every time keeping on his feet and never got injured again until now. It's just a precaution on him, but this powerful small pad which says a lot about its quality & efficiency.


How do basketball players support ankles?

Basketball players support their ankles by using ankle braces, taping with kinesiology tape or using custom orthotics to support their ankles so that they can play safe keeping ankle's health in mind. Athletes get injured quite often by just rolling over ankles which is a very tender part of our body. However, you reduce the chance of spraining after wearing an ankle brace on your feet.