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The Rock Basketball C2C – Reviews and Guide | Official Mens

Last Updated May 13, 2024 Last Updated November 3, 2022 by Edward Pullen

The Rock is a great performance indoor basketball you might have not heard about it. Though it is not manufactured by a well-known brand such as Spalding, Wilson, or Nike, yet it beats them with its playing. The ball is produced by a relatively small brand Anaconda Sports and gained popularity among many professional players.

Best of all, the ball has beautiful one-piece deep seams without excess glue. As a result, the ball feels consistent performance better than many of the big boys. The main technology of rock basketball is core to cover technology which a few balls have. Also, the ball is officially NFHS approved and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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rock indoor basketball



The Rock Basketball Features



The material of the Rock ball is composite leather but it feels like real leather and super tacky. The composite cover is reinforced with Core to Cover technology while the cover is backed with sponger rubber. Anaconda Sports have done a great job by applying this C2C technology.

I cannot exactly explain how it works and what difference does it make, but it does its job. And, that big C2C text on the rock basketball is all about mentioning it. The outer layer of the ball feels very soft because of the cushion backed cover.



One of the notable features of The Rock is its excellent grip. The ball feels quite tacky and slightly less grippy than the Wilson Evolution. Therefore, for the athletes who find the Wilson Evolution ball a bit strong on the grip, The Rock basketball will work well for them. Moreover, the patented sponge rubber exterior helps with great ball handling.

Best of all, the manufacturer used 100% nylon to wind the ball, which creates a solid grip. Also, the unique deep pebbled design offers firm control over the ball.



You might have not felt any issue with the ball among high-priced basketballs. And, you might be afraid of buying a relatively cheaper ball due to the irresponsive bounce. However, the NFHS approved The Rock basketball has responsive and consistent bounce.

Once you will play a couple of games with it, you will memorize its movements. After that, the ball will end where you would expect it to be. Moreover, the bounce is ideal; means it does not bounce too low like a toy or too high like a cheap rubber ball. The butyl bladder maintains maximum air retention.

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High-Quality composite material makes the Rock ball extremely durable. Though it is a solid ball with premium scuff-resistant material, still I shall not recommend it to use it on outdoor courts. However, it can withstand any kind of aggressive play on the hardwood.


Final Verdict

In my own experience, I have found rock basketball above reasons for the price. I haven’t seen any other ball under 50 dollars that perform so well. Possession exceptional grip along with soft feel, consistent bounce, and maintaining the promised durability, indeed it is one of the top-rated indoor basketballs.