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Dunk Calculator – How high do you need to jump to Dunk a Basketball?

Last Updated May 13, 2024 Last Updated November 23, 2023 by Omri Lipman

Dunk calculator is a useful tool for basketball players to know how high do they need to jump to dunk. This calculator will give you an approximate idea of the required force to jump at a standard height of a basketball hoop.

In my own experience, I have found that the more you bend the knees, the less force you require to jump high. However, it will demand more energy to reach the desired peak level. I would suggest you train your legs to increase your vertical jump.

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dunk calculator


Dunk Calculator: How does it work?

A dunk calculator is a tool to calculate how high a player needs to jump to dunk a basketball. It is pretty easy to use, follow the steps and insert whatever is required in the fields below;


Step – 1: Enter your height in feet and inches. If you do not know how tall you are, simply measure with the measure-tape from the toe to the peak of the head.


Step – 2: Enter your standing reach which is the most important element to consider while dunking. In case you are unaware of your Standing Reach, read the details below and the steps to measure it.


Step – 3: Put in the height of the rim. The standard height of a basketball hoop is 10 feet. Most of the basketball goals have heights written on them. However, if you are not sure how high the hoop is, just measure from the ground level and insert the digit.


Step – 4: Insert the extra reach you require to get to the rim. Usually, it is 6 inches for most basketball players.


Dunk Calculator



Height of a Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop is usually 10 feet high. All the basketball championships and leagues use goals with the same height. Some hoops are adjustable, they can be fixed or portable. Therefore, I would suggest you adjust the height to 10 feet of the basketball hoop before you start practicing dunking drills.

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Importance of Height to Dunk a Basketball

You might have heard that basketball isn’t a game of short folks. It isn’t true as long as you can jump high or perfect your skill to hoop the ball. However, taller players have an advantage in height.

In case you might be asking yourself how tall you should be to perfectly dunk the hoop, you are wondering over the wrong question. There are a few other factors involved such as wingspan, fly time, and vertical jump.

The average NBA height of players is from 6 to 6.54 feet, and the NBA hoop is 10 feet. You can easily count average reach by height x 1.33. Therefore, performing a dunk is much easier for players above 6.4 feet. The shorter players struggle a bit but if they can jump high, they are equally skillful.

There have been shorter players in history. The shortest NBA player is Tyrone Curtis “Muggsy” Bogues, who is an American former basketball player and his height is 5 feet 3 inches. People used to say, “It was impossible for a short guy like him to play in NBA”, but he gained fame through his great performances.

The tallest NBA player is Gheorghe Mureșan, a retired Romanian basketball player. He is 7 feet 7 inches tall and can reach the hoop easily just by standing. Therefore, height is a great advantage to dunk a basketball.

Therefore, measure the jump and reach you require with a dunk calculator and improve your jump for perfect dunking.

Always use protective ankle braces to reduce the chances of injuries while jumping.


How to Improve Vertical Jump for Dunking?

As we have heard that training legs help in a higher jump. Yes, it’s true! In particular, vertical boxes jump is a great exercise to jump high. Follow the instructions below to improve jump for dunking:

  • Always warm up before you play or even exercise the jumping drills. Most of the athletes use a jumping rope to warm up the muscles and let the blood flow in the body. It is mandatory to warm up whether you play on indoor or outdoor courts.
  • Perform slow and controlled toe jumps to prepare ankles and feet for perfect jump and landing.
  • Slowly progress with vertical jumps by performing raises on jump boxes. Also, train with jump squats and force yourself to go higher.
  • Train your legs, the most essential part to increase jumping level due to full strain and force on the legs. In addition, training the core is also as important as the legs. The core helps to stay longer in the air.

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Note: Always make sure to keep your knees bent while landing to prevent any injury.

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Are you eager to jump higher as soon as possible? Read and learn how Adam Folker added 4 inches in his vertical jump in just one hour! It is a great guide for beginners or short dunkers to jump higher and improve the jump.

You will definitely see a significant difference in your performance if you can increase only 4 inches extra in your vertical jump.





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Here's a video tutorial about how to jump higher to dunk a basketball.


by Steven Celi.


How to Measure Standing Reach?

Standing reach is the highest level of your one hand that you can get to while standing on the ground. Your feet must stay flat on the ground, do not raise your ankles. Follow below the things you require and steps to measure the standing reach:


Required Items

  1. A flat wall
  2. A tape measure
  3. Partner or friend (optional)
  4. Any kind of markers such as chalk or pointer, if you are measuring alone.


Steps to Measure

  1. Stand straight against a flat wall sidewise.
  2. Raise the arm which is closest to the wall and reach it as high as it can get to. Do not raise your ankles, make sure to keep your feet flat on the ground.
  3. Ask your partner to measure from the ground to the highest level of your hand.
  4. In case you are by yourself, hold chalk or pointer between your fingers, again raise your hand high and mark the wall.
  5. After that, measure the distance of the mark from the ground to the tape.
  6. As a result, you will get the value from the measuring tape and that will be your standing reach. It is important to know it for a dunk calculator and to find out how easy or difficult it is to dunk.

I would recommend performing the above-mentioned steps three times and calculating the average for the precise result.

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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

How much do I need to jump to dunk?

It is relative to your height. A basketball hoop is 10 feet high and usually standing reach of an athlete is height x 1.33. That being said, an athlete of 6.6 feet will have a standing reach of 8.77 feet. He will need to jump around 30 inches to reach the hoop and by adding additional 6 inches, he can dunk perfectly with a 36 inches jump.


Can a 5’6 person dunk?

It is unlike to dunk with that height but it is not impossible. The shortest retired NBA player was Muggsy Bogues who is 5 feet 3 inches. It will require effort and a lot of practice to jump higher and shooting the hoop.


At what height can you dunk?

A person with a height of 6’4″ can dunk a basketball easily. Height plays a vital role in basketball dunking. The basketball rim is 10 feet high, a person shorter than 6’4″ will need to jump higher to dunk a basketball.


Can a 5’10 person dunk?

Yes, a 5 feet 10 inches person can dunk. Height is a factor to consider while planning to dunk but it is not the only essential factor. Your standing reach and jump mean a lot. So, if you can jump and reach to 10+ feet high, you can easily dunk a basketball.


What is a dunk calculator?

Dunk calculator is a useful tool for basketball players to find how high do they need to jump to dunk. This calculator will give you an approximate idea of the required force to jump at a certain height.


Can a 5’9 person dunk?

Well, it is going to be difficult but not impossible. If you are 5 feet 9 inches tall and have normal arm length, your standing reach would be around 7 feet 7 inches. A basketball hoop is 10 feet high, so you would require to jump 35 inches to dunk which is considered to be an impressive and pro-level jump.