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Mikasa Basketball BX1000 Premium Rubber – Reviews and Guide

Last Updated July 15, 2024 Last Updated February 13, 2023 by Brian Aquino


Mikasa Basketball BX1000 Premium Rubber has an extra-thick cover that provides supreme durability on outdoor courts, especially concrete surfaces. At the same time, it does not compromise on its performance ignoring the weather conditions.

The ball is slightly cheaper as compared to other outdoor basketballs and it comes in various sizes including all sizes of youth. As a result, it is an ideal ball for young players to practice their basketball drills.

mikasa basketball outdoor


Mikasa Premium Basketball Features


Mikasa has manufactured BX1000 with premium rubber that provides a soft and tacky feel. The rubber cover of the ball offers a comfortable feel to the palm and even to the small hands.

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The deep pebble pattern of the surface provides a perfect grip on the ball, which helps in ball handling. Moreover, you do not lose much of the grip when the ball is dirty, which is a rare feature to find in a basketball. The channels of the ball are not very deep, but still, it has a very good grip.

Mikasa BX1000 is slightly lighter than other outdoor basketballs and its rotation is generally steady. Dense pebble design gives a firm grip to the ball and players with smaller palms will have no issue because of the nice grip. However, the grip changes when the ball gets wet and it will be difficult to get accurate shots.



The best feature of Mikasa Basketball is that it has a very consistent bounce. The size of the ball depends on its inflation and you will achieve the right bounce at good air-pressure. In my own experience, I have found the need to pump more air to reach the correct circumference.

However, the lesser inflated basketball can cause some damage to the ball. The bounce remains consistent because of good quality rubber and air-pressure plays a significant role in the ball’s bounce.



The ball is well made for outdoor rough courts and quite durable. Its latex-free construction helps it to last twice as long as the standard rubber basketballs. In addition, the deeper channels also increase the overall durability. The Mikasa BX1000 will be a perfect choice if you are playing amongst kids or amateur players, build basic game skills such as dribbling and passing the ball.

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Final Verdict

Indeed, Mikasa basketball is ideal for outdoor plays, especially on asphalt surfaces. Highly durable latex-free extra-thick rubber cover offers long-lasting life even for aggressive plays on concrete courts. Moreover, it provides consistent bounce on the recommended PSI. Best of all, it comes with a 1-Year warranty from the manufacturer.