Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – FIBA Approved – Reviews

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The Molten X-Series Indoor Outdoor BGMX Basketball has 12 panels unique design, a great looking basketball with awesome performance. The ball is FIBA Approved and has gained acknowledgment worldwide. The Molten Basketball is durable and comes with a 1-year official warranty.

Molten Indoor Outdoor basketball


Molten X-Series Basketball Features


Molten X-Series BGMX has a great feel that is difficult to explain. It feels different compared to the other outdoor basketballs that many players are comfortable with, but in a good way. The touch of the ball does not feel as leathery; on the other hand, it feels like an extra soft, comfortable kind of rubber.

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The Molten X-Series BM7X provides fantastic grip on a dry day, for shooting and tricky dribbling. In my own experience, I have found that the balls become a bit slippery on the release when it gets wet, which makes it slightly difficult to get a regular feel. The ball also performs poor grip when it gets dusty, yes, we all hate that.



In case you might be asking yourself that Molten X-Series might lose consistent bounce due to the 12-panel design. Since the grooves are a bit shallow, the ball has a rather even surface. As a result, the ball bounces with a relatively consistent amount of bounce overall.

Furthermore, the Butyl bladder of the ball helps to keep the air longer. Also, the hybrid ball loses no air while playing because of its incredible grip. On the other hand, Molten X-Series is a little heavier than other basketballs, and the grooves are thinner.



You can play with the Molten BM7X in any kind of environment. However, it feels a little softer as compared to other indoor/outdoor basketball and is not very durable. Also, the pebble design wears down quite faster than the conventional pebble design.

The ball is perfectly suitable for indoor courts because the pebbles intend to wear down faster on asphalt surfaces. At the same time, the ball’s grip gets a notable impact when it gets wet or dirty.

Finally, the Molten X-Series Indoor Outdoor Basketball is a great looking ball with tactically aligned pebbles for a solid grip. in addition, it is officially FIBA approved.

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Final Verdict

Molten Basketball is a great choice for indoor and outdoor plays. It has an exceptionally awesome look along with a great feel. I have found it super durable due to synthetic rubber material. The ball is available in three different sizes and it comes with a 1-year warranty. The Molten basketball is FIBA approved and easily noticeable even in low light conditions.






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