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Nike Elite Championship Basketball – Best for Indoor Courts

Last Updated May 13, 2024 Last Updated November 23, 2023 by Omri Lipman

Nike always manufactures quality products for athletes. The Nike Elite Championship basketball is designed to perform great in the indoor courts. It is manufactured with premium quality materials and approved by NFHS for high school basketball league games. Around 250 colleges use this Nike basketball in their sports leagues.

Let’s jump to see the qualities of the ball;


nike elite basketball


Nike Elite Championship Basketball Features


The Nike Elite basketball is famous for its soft touch. The ball is manufactured with a game-dry composite leather and offers an ultra-soft feel. To ensure the softness, Nike experts kept the ratio of the material at 55% rubber and 45% synthetic leather. We experienced it rolled off the fingers perfectly for every shot. Also, it does not feel hard to the palm while catching long throws or hard dribbles.



It is one of the best grip indoor basketballs. The Nike Elite ball is constructed with woven micro-fiber perforated material that prevents the sweat from staying on the surface. Resulting in, the basketball stays dry and provides solid grip throughout the game. It is tested that the ball does not lack grip unless you do not know how to control a basketball.

Moreover, the wide molded deep channels offer optimum space to grip the ball and help with shooting the basketball with precision – perfect for shooters.



The ball features a leak-proof butyl bladder that ensures optimum air pressure. As a result, the basketball bounces with consistency. The bounce is ideal and the ball always ends up where you expect it to. The rotationally wound butyl carcass keeps the ball’s shape throughout the game to perform shooting and dribbling drills.



Although the outer surface feels soft and cozy materials, yet it is durable on hardwood courts. However, it is not designed for asphalt surfaces – so make sure not to use it on outdoor concrete courts. We recommend using it on indoor courts only to ensure longevity. Otherwise, the concrete surface will make the ball’s outer layer rough – resulting in poor performance and lesser lifespan.


Final Verdict

The Nike Elite Championship Basketball is one of the best basketballs for indoors with soft grip and easy handling. We experienced perfect shooting alignment even from a distance. Best of all, the ball bounces as you expect and ideal for aggressive dribbles and ankle-break shots.