Spalding vs Wilson Basketball – Which is Better? | Features Comparison

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Spalding vs Wilson Basketball is a hot topic to debate among basketball players. Spalding manufactures the official NBA basketballs. Indeed, these balls are top rated and most loved amongst professional athletes. However, Wilson is also producing some high quality basketball balls which are being popular in the basketball leagues.

You must be thinking which basketball is better Wilson or Spalding? Well, it depends on your personal preferences and priorities. Spalding basketballs are good with performance and premium quality leather for durability. On the other hand, Wilson basketballs feel excellent to the palm and have exceptional moisture-wicking material.

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Here’s why Spalding basketballs are top rated, they are manufactured with either full grain Horween leather or premium quality composite leather. These basketballs are durable and turn butter-soft once broken in. Wilson basketballs are manufactured with EVO-microfiber composite material to provide a consistent feel. These balls are tacky with good grip due to wicking away the outer layer.

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Spalding vs Wilson Basketball – Good Basketballs

The main difference between a Spalding and a Wilson basketball is that they are made from different kinds of materials. Spalding basketballs are mostly made from leather and Wilson basketballs are made from composite materials. A Wilson can have a leather shell in some exclusive balls, but it is mostly made of rubber. Spalding balls are good for indoor and outdoor courts, whereas Wilson usually caters for indoor basketball games.

Buying basketball is a real pain especially when every manufacturer claims to produce the Best Basketballs. Spalding and Wilson are two equally popular names known for manufacturing basketball balls. The Spalding makes the most expensive basketballs but they do worth every penny. On the other hand, Wilson balls are relatively cheap and fall under the affordable range.

Here is a list of top rated basketballs by Spalding and Wilson;

best spalding basketball good indoor basketball best indoor basketball spalding basketball Wilson Replica NCAA

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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Which basketball is better Wilson or Spalding?

Spalding basketballs are rated as the best because of their excellent performance. However, Wilson also manufactures great basketballs that most of the athletes use for training in high school or colleges. Spalding basketballs are manufactured with full grain or composite leather. On the other hand, Wilson manufactures basketballs with EVO-microfiber composite material.


Is Spalding better than Wilson?

Spalding is rated better than the Wilson. “Spalding basketballs perform better on the indoor and outdoor courts as compared to Wilson basketballs” a survey report by John Dean.


Which brand of basketball is the best?

Spalding is known as the best brand of basketball. Not only they are famous for producing top rated basketballs but also manufacture Good Basketball Hoops and ball pumps & needles. Spalding also manufactures official NBA basketball.


Is Wilson replacing Spalding?

Yes, Wilson is replacing Spalding and will begin providing basketballs to official NBA games from the 2021-2022 season. Wilson will also start supplying balls to WNBA from 2022. However, the same supper will provide the leather to Wilson for official basketballs.


Does NBA use new balls every game?

Yes, NBA uses new balls every game. Spalding has been the supplier of official NBA basketballs since 1983. They supply new balls for every game.