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Wilson Replica NCAA Game Basketball – Reviews and Detailed Features

Last Updated May 13, 2024 Last Updated November 23, 2023 by Omri Lipman


The Wilson Replica NCAA Game Basketball is perfect for indoor and outdoor courts. A product of the Official NCAA Championship at an affordable price that no one would deny. A product of trust and reliability, you will never go wrong with its performance. Below are the detailed reviews of the ball;

Wilson Replica NCAA



Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball Features


The ball is extremely soft and it rolls off your fingertips perfectly. Its core cushion offers a comfortable feel to the hand and the ball rolls off your fingertips perfectly when you take a shot. Usually, your hands get wet from sweat when playing basketball; it is the most irritating feel and factor not to enjoy the game.

However, the Wilson NCAA Replica ball comes with moist absorption technology that can absorb the moisture away. As a result, the ball will remain dry throughout playtime.



Indeed, the grip is the main factor players look at when they are buying a basketball. A softer ball with a sturdy grip makes the control much better. Moreover, it becomes easier to make hoop shots and receive passes. The Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball is a ball that is suitable for outdoor play. So, naturally, it has more grip than indoor-only basketballs.

Furthermore, the ball is made of composite leather, comes inflated at the ideal air pressure, and ready to use straight out of its box. Especially, you will notice a nice grip and a very soft feel after it is worn in a few games.

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The NCAA Replica Game Ball has a fair bounce that means the bounce does not feel a plane. However, the bounce is not perfectly consistent while performing skills like crossovers, maybe the ball will end up where you were not expecting it to be. This disadvantage of the ball is understandable since it is a replica and budget basketball.



Durability is the keynote for an outdoor basketball since the less strong ball will easily tear, softballs easily shred on concrete surfaces. However, the Wilson NCAA Replica is completely suitable for outdoor courts; it is hard enough to handle rough surfaces. After being durable and so hard, it still does not sacrifice too much on the grip.

The ball is available in different sizes for various types of gameplays; however, 7 PSI is the proper inflation level.

Indeed, the Wilson Replica NCAA is a superb choice for indoor and outdoor basketball because of its moisture-absorbing technology and consistent bounce.

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Final Verdict

This replica of Wilson NCAA is one of my most favorite basketballs due to its moisture absorbing technology. The feels extremely comfortable and offers a solid grip to the palm due to deep channels. Moreover, the core cushion technology provides an ideal and consistent bounce. I shall definitely recommend to shoot a couple of hoops with this basketball before you buy basketball.