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Spalding 1700008 Rubber BasketBall Reviews

Last Updated May 13, 2024 Last Updated December 22, 2022 by Edward Pullen

The Spalding 1700008 Rubber Basket Ball is a size seven ball made of rubber. It is designed for indoor/outdoor play and has a premium composite cover. The ball is of official size and weight and has an improved PU synthetic that is more biodegradable than PVC materials.

Spalding 1700008 Rubber BasketBall


Reviews and Features


Specifically designed with a composite cover to provide a softer feel and smoother grip, this ball also has added tack, which gives better control when shooting, passing, and dribbling – no matter the court surface! Whether on an outdoor or indoor court, you’ll be able to pull off those jaw-dropping shots easily thanks to this truly remarkable Spalding Rubber Basket Ball.


The basketball is constructed with an improved PU composite material that provides secure and comfortable handling, allowing for accurate passing and shooting. If your ultimate goal is to become one of the best players on the court, this product is the perfect pick for you due to its enhanced grip versus other conventional rubber basketballs on the market.


With its unique design, it offers an ideal rebound performance as well as a superior grip to help give you more control over your shots. Whether you use it at home to practice free throws or take it with you on the court, this basketball is sure to provide reliable results every time! Make a lasting impression with Spalding Rubber Basketball – it enhances any play session.


This exceptional basketball is resilient and able to withstand even the most challenging conditions. Crafted with high-end biodegradable components, it’s ideal for long-term use and environmentally conscious consumers! With this dependable basketball, you can be confident it will serve you well over time – no matter how hard it’s used.


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Final Verdict

Step up your game with the Spalding 1700008 Rubber Basketball! This advanced ball offers soft PU composite material to give you a smoother grip, greater control, and durable construction for long-lasting play. Plus, it’s biodegradable, so you can feel good while playing hard. Get this revolutionary basketball today and start dominating on the court like never before – we guarantee you won’t regret it!