Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball – Reviews and Features

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The top-rated Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball is designed considering the NBA standards. Premium composite cover provides long-lasting durability. The replica ball has the feel and look of the original NBA basketball.

Read the detailed features below; also, note that the ball gets shipped inflated and game-ready.

spalding nba replica


Spalding NBA Replica Basketball Features


The ball is designed with a composite leather and it feels great to the palm. The tacky and soft exterior makes it feel comfortable to play for hours.



Traditional deep channels provide a solid grip on classic basketball players. However, it is not as good as the official NBA game ball due to its composite leather. It becomes a little slippery due to the less cushioning.

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Bounce is an essential factor when you decide to purchase the best basketball. The ball must not bounce too bouncy or too flat. Bounce consistency should remain the same even after a long play, which means the ball should bounce exactly the way you would expect it to.

The Spalding NBA Replica Game Ball’s bounce is perfect for indoor and outdoor courts. It bounces with consistency which is a great advantage of this replica. Moreover, the amount of bounce feels ideal when you keep the air pressure at 7.5 PSI. Unlike some other basketballs which get the right bounce at around 8+ PSI. However, I prefer a little lower pressure in this ball; otherwise, it may feel a little hard to the palm.

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The NBA Replica Game Ball is durable and will definitely last you a few years if you use it right. The hard Composite leather cover makes it strong to withstand hardwood indoor court. However, the ball wears out a little quicker on the asphalt surface.


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Final Verdict

It has always been my dream to use a Spalding NBA basketball but its super expensive for my budget. However, the Spalding NBA Replica is affordable and offers great performance, obviously not as good as the original ball. The embossed logo gives it a great look and the feel of composite leather is remarkable. Indeed, the ball is durable and designed for indoor & outdoor courts.







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