Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor Outdoor Basketball – Features and Reviews

Last Updated November 3, 2022 by Edward Pullen


The Spalding NBA Zi/O is one of the top-rated basketballs for both indoor and outdoor courts. Perfectly tacky and foam back provides ideal bounce and easy handling while dribbling and performing drills. Read out the detailed features of great indoor-outdoor basketball;

spalding nba zio


Spalding NBA Zi/O Basketball Features:



In particular, the ball has tight pebbling that gives a tacky and comfortable feel. The composite leather cover is what players prefer to feel in their hands and it is backed with a foam layer for a solid bounce. Being an official NBA ball, it is an ideal choice to train whether you are in the gym or out in the field. As a result, the ball does not feel too bouncy on either surface – hardwood or outdoor concrete.



No wonder why most of the professional players prefer Spalding NBA Zi/O. The ball has unique channels that are 30% deeper for sturdy grip and better handling. These slim channels along with complete pebbling help with better control while dribbling and shooting the hoop. You literally feel your fingers sinking into the dips as the ball rolls across your hand. So, the players can easily grip and change directions with your dribble speedily.

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The Spalding NBA Zi/O bounces very well even when blown up to 7 PSI. So, you do not need to inflate the ball at higher pressure to achieve a good bounce. This is an advantage since extra pumping a ball can break the bladder and as a result, it can cause air leakage. In addition, the ball bounces with a consistent extent. Certainly, after having a good experience with the ball, you will notice that the ball will end up exactly where you expect it to.



None of the basketball can wear longer on the outer rough surface. However, Spalding NBA Zi/O is considered to be more durable than other outdoor. But, it does better than the softer, indoor-only composite leather balls. The grip on the ball stays solid for a long time due to its traditional style channels. The ball has the same size and weight as the NBA official game ball and we ship it inflated and ready to play.

Indeed Spalding NBA Zi/O is a good basketball for indoor and outdoor courts.

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Final Verdict

In my own experience, I have found this basketball soft and tacky on both outdoor and indoor courts. Solid grip and proper control over the ball due to deep channels. The ball is designed with a composite leather and to withstand the concrete surface. Best of all, it does not deflate quickly even on aggressive gameplay.