Spalding Precision Basketball – Reviews 2021 and Buying Guide

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Spalding Precision basketball performs really well on indoor courts and very similar to Wilson evolution in terms of feel. It feels game-ready right out of the box due to the advanced Eco-grip composite cover. The ball is ideal to shoot long jumpers and dribble through players confidently with the Spalding Precision.

You might have heard good reviews about Spalding TF-1000, but I prefer Spalding Precision basketball. The ball is manufactured especially for elite players and practice basketball drills at the professional level. In addition, the ball stands out and the movements are easily noticeable due to its bright color.

Moreover, the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association) approved the ball which makes it more trustable. Also, it is the official basketball of the Spalding Hoophall Classic and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union).


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Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball Key Features



Basketball is famous for its feel and comfort along with great performance. Eco-Grip composite cover is designed from recycled materials. In particular, the manufacturer mainly focused on its feel and performance.

With its exceptional soft surface and ball handling, the Spalding Precision is a good competitor of Wilson evolution. Best of all, the ball does not need to break-in, it feels soft right out of the box and game-ready.



Along with the exceptionally soft feel, Precision basketball has a strong grip. The deep channel design helps in effortless grip and superior ball handling. Moreover, this ball is ideal for accurate shooting due to Spalding traditional style asymmetric pebbles.



Bounce is an essential feature of a good basketball. The Spalding Precision indoor basketball has a true bounce due to cushioned carcass. Moreover, the super-sponge backing behind the cover makes the ball feel comfortable while aggressive dribbling.

Spalding has done a great job with the air-retention, the installed rotational balanced butyl bladder keeps the ultimate air-pressure. Once you have played a couple of games with it, you will notice its consistent bounce. And, you will find the ball ending where you expect it to.



No matter how rich or poor you are, none of us prefers to buy basketball after every few months. Therefore, Spalding has done a great job regarding Precision’s durability. The manufacturer used recycled material for the cover, and refined to obtain a softer feel by keeping its durability to the top.


Best of all, the ball gets shipped inflated and ready to use right out of the box. Also, note that the recommended air-pressure is 8-PSI. It will perform well at this retention with consistent bounce. The ball is available in 2 sizes, Intermediate size 6 – 28.5 inches and Official size 7 – 29.5 inches.

Precaution: The Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball is made for indoor courts only. DO NOT use it on concrete courts. The ball will not last long on asphalt surface due to its softer cover.


Final Verdict

Indeed, the Spalding Precision Basketball is a perfect ball to practice drills and shooting skills at a professional level. Along with supreme performance and exceptionally comfortable feel, the ball is durable. And, it will definitely last you years on indoor courts. Read the Pros and Cons of Precision Ball.

On the other hand, I felt a little weird drawback in the ball. My hands are small and the word Precision feels a little awkward due to tiny hands. That was my observation, but I’ll recommend buying Spalding Precision for indoor plays.






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