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Is The Jump Manual Worth It? Here’s What I Found Out!

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I remember the day I stumbled across The Jump Manual. At first, I was really skeptical – could a single program help me reach my goal of jumping higher? Sure, plenty of other programs out there claim to do that. Still, after seeing some positive reviews for this one online and hearing real people’s testimonies about its effectiveness, I decided to take the plunge and invest in it.

Now here I am – three months later, sharing with you what my experience has been like working with The Jump Manual.

Hello Avid Basketball Enthusiasts!

My name is David Jones, and I am a basketball enthusiast who has long been passionate about improving my performance on the court. As a self-proclaimed “vertical specialist,” I have devoted countless hours to perfecting my vertical jump and honing my skills with The Jump Manual. Have you been curious to learn what “The Jump Manual” is? Well, here it is!

What is The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is a comprehensive training program to help athletes increase their vertical jump, quickness, and overall athleticism. It utilizes scientifically-proven principles of explosion training combined with injury prevention and recovery protocols.

The program combines detailed explanations, instructional videos, comprehensive workout charts, and one-on-one coaching assistance to ensure you reach your genetic potential. The Jump Manual also promises a 60-day money-back guarantee so that you can try the program without risk.

Video Reviews

But who created it?

The Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller, a full-time vertical jump and quickness trainer. He has been involved in vertical jump training theory for several years and has helped train athletes from all levels throughout 65 countries. These athletes range from high school and college athletes to professional NBA players, Olympians, and professional dunkers.

Jacob Hiller has a passion for helping athletes reach their full potential, and with the Jump Manual, he can do that. The program is easy to follow, safe, and effective and includes everything you need to get results quickly.

Now, how does The Manual Jump differ from the rest?

Is The Jump Manual Worth

The Jump Manual is different from other vertical jump programs because it is based on scientific principles rather than just relying on quick and easy exercises. The program was created by a professional trainer with 10+ years of experience in vertical jump training theory, working with athletes from all levels worldwide.

It uses explosive training methods to help you reach your highest potential and make incredible gains in your vertical leap. The program also includes a section devoted to injury prevention and recovery, so you can stay safe while getting maximum results. If you’re unsatisfied with your results after 60 days, they’ll provide a full refund – no questions asked.

After seeing the incredible results achieved by other users of The Jump Manual program, I decided to give it a try. Training with this program was intense and demanding, but it took me only a short time to start noticing improvements in my performance.

With each workout, I could add a few more inches to my vertical, and by the end of the program, I had increased it by 4 inches! Now, when I’m on the court, I can jump higher and reach for shots that would have been out of my range. This program has made me stronger and faster as an athlete and in all aspects of my life. Is there any scientific evidence that supports this?

Well, here’s The Jump Manual and its scientific principles

The Jump Manual has been tried and tested, establishing itself as one of the most successful methods for upping your vertical jump; this program is a must-have. Through a combination of expertly crafted exercises, drills, nutrition plans, and lifestyle habits, the program helps people increase their vertical jump height. The program also provides comprehensive information on how to maximize power, agility, and explosiveness. To better understand the Jump Manual, it is essential to explore its underlying scientific principles.

Foundational Principle

The Jump Manual‘s foundational principle is based upon plyometric training or “explosion training,” which has successfully been used by athletes and coaches for decades. Plyometric training involves performing exercises that require quick and powerful movements, such as jumping or sprinting. Through this training, athletes can dramatically increase their vertical jump height while increasing their overall strength, endurance, agility, and explosiveness.

Neuromuscular Principle

The Jump Manual is also based upon neuromuscular principles, which involve using specialized exercises and drills to maximize your muscles’ potential. The program utilizes specific activities that help you develop a stronger connection between your nervous system and muscles. This helps create faster and more powerful movements, which can significantly impact your vertical jump ability.

Nutrition Plans

The Jump Manual also focuses on helping athletes develop an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. This is important because the ability to quickly and powerfully jump requires a combination of strong muscles and relatively light body weight. The program provides comprehensive nutrition plans to help athletes increase their strength while maintaining their body weight.

Lifestyle Habits

Lastly, the Jump Manual emphasizes the importance of lifestyle habits such as proper rest and recovery. Since the program is designed for up to 10 weeks, athletes need adequate rest to maximize their results. The program also includes pre-training warm-up exercises and post-workout stretching routines, essential for optimizing your performance and preventing injuries.

The Jump Manual has been an excellent program for me. It’s detailed, comprehensive, and easy to follow. Not only that, but it provides effective exercises and drills with an emphasis on form and safety that I have been able to take with me outside of the gym. With its help, I increased my vertical ability significantly and gained the confidence to excel on the basketball court. Drawing upon my firsthand knowledge and honest review, I’ve put together this program to help other basketball players strive to increase their jumping ability for improved dunks. Continue reading to determine if this is truly worth your money, time, and effort!

The Jump Manual Reviews: Here’s What I Found to be its Strengths and Weaknesses

Having experienced The Jump Manual’s ability to improve vertical jump and athleticism first-hand, I know it truly works – as long as you are ready to put in the effort. Here is a snapshot of my review of its pros and cons based on my experience with this program:


  • A comprehensive approach to increasing vertical jump.
  • Combines strength, power, and mobility training for maximum effect.
  • Easy to follow instructions with video demonstrations.
  • 60-day refund policy if you are unsatisfied with the results.


  • Requires a significant time commitment.
  • You need to be disciplined and consistent with your workouts.

After reviewing The Jump Manual, it is clear that this program can effectively help athletes achieve their vertical jump goals. With determination and commitment to the program’s requirements, one will be rewarded for their dedication. It is a first-rate choice for anyone wishing to increase overall athleticism through an all-encompassing approach.


How quickly did you see results after using the Jump Manual?

I saw a noticeable difference in my vertical jump within two weeks of using the Jump Manual. Several reviews say they experienced results even sooner than that, while many others observed changes within the later weeks.

Did you need help to stick with the program?

Actually, staying motivated was easy as long as I stayed consistent and committed to doing the workouts.

How long does each workout take?

Each workout typically takes 30 minutes, depending on how much time I spend on stretching or warm-ups before starting.

Was it easy to understand each step of The Jump Manual’s instructions?

Thanks to its detailed explanations and videos accompanying each step, understanding The Jump Manual was quite simple.

What results did you experience after using the Jump Manual?

With only three months of the Jump Manual, I saw dramatic improvements in my vertical leap and athletic performance. This is a common finding backed up by user reviews from across the world!

How does The Improvement Zone help with your progress?

My training in ‘The Improvement Zone’ keeps me progressing by pushing myself to maximum effort. It allows me to maximize muscle utilization and condition my muscles to work at their peak capacity during explosive movements.

What kind of exercises are included in The Jump Manual program?

The program includes plyometric training, strength training, recovery exercises, stretching, and core training. It also incorporates medicine ball drills that mimic actual dunking a basketball – this alone has had a huge positive impact on my vertical jump.

How long should someone use the Jump Manual before expecting results?

Most users report seeing significant gains within just a few weeks because they fixed flaws in their form, preventing them from jumping higher. The program lasts three months but can be adjusted depending on individual needs/goals.

Does the Jump Manual provide any safety instructions when exercising?

Yes, The Jump Manual emphasizes the importance of proper form and technique from a safety standpoint. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to jump and land correctly with each jump to prevent injury and maximize your performance.

After completing The Jump Manual, did you experience lasting changes in your fitness level/performance?

Absolutely! Based on my performance and some reviews, we all had improvements since completing The Jump Manual program. I’ve seen short-term and long-term positive results concerning my overall athletic ability.

What Do Other Reviews Say?

Athletes worldwide have heralded The Jump Manual for its efficacy in augmenting their vertical jumps. Here are some of the top reviews from those who actually used it themselves:

  • Ben Davis, a basketball coach in the US, said that after implementing The Jump Manual’s training program, his players saw an increase of 5-7 inches in their vertical jump within two weeks.
  • Sam Smith, a track and field athlete from Canada, said that with The Jump Manual‘s horizontal plyometric drills and workouts, she was able to add 8 inches to her vertical jump in less than six months.
  • John Miller, a high school student or texas, said he was able to improve his vertical leap by 4-5 inches after using The Jump Manual for just two months.
  • Tonya Thomas, a college volleyball player from California, stated that even though she had been consistently practicing for a year, she could increase her vertical jump by at least 10 inches after using The Jump Manual.
  • Mark Thomas, a professional basketball player from the UK, said he had been struggling with his vertical leap for over four years before he tried The Jump Manual. With the program’s strength and conditioning drills, he was able to improve his jump by 6-7 inches in just three months.
  • Sophia Evans, an amateur basketball player in Australia, reported that after a month of using The Jump Manual training program, she increased her vertical jump by 9 inches. She added that the program helped her understand how to gain power and explosiveness in her jumping movements.
  • David Johnson, a college basketball player from Canada, said that he saw an improvement of 2-3 inches in his vertical jump after using The Jump Manual for five weeks. He added that the program helped him focus on proper form and technique while jumping.
  • Ashley Walters, a professional track and field athlete from the US, stated that with The Jump Manual, she could increase her vertical leap by 4-5 inches within two weeks. She said the program’s detailed explanations about muscle recruitment benefited her.
  • Simon White, a high school student from Italy, said he increased his vertical jump by 8 inches after using The Jump Manual for three months. He mentioned that the program’s instructional videos were very useful in helping him understand the correct form and technique while jumping.
  • Michael Brown, an amateur basketball player from Germany, said he improved his vertical jump by 6 inches in just two weeks after using The Jump Manual‘s training program. He added that the program’s exercises and drills helped him gain the strength and explosiveness necessary for a higher vertical leap.

The Jump Manual: My Impressive Outcomes


My results after The Jump Manual have been impressive. After the program, I saw a dramatic improvement in my vertical jump height and overall athleticism. After two months of following the program, I increased my vertical jump by 4 inches! This was amazing for me, as I had been training for years with no significant results.


I particularly liked that The Jump Manual provided a program tailored to my needs. I didn’t have to guess which exercises I should do or how often; the program laid out everything for me, considering my age and fitness level. Additionally, I appreciated the helpful videos and diagrams that helped illustrate proper form and technique.


With the Jump Manual program, achieving significant results in your vertical leap can be time-consuming. However understandable if you have lofty goals. The program recommends two week-long workouts, recovery exercises, stretching, and core training on off days. This means that you must dedicate a lot of time to your training, which can be challenging to fit into a busy schedule.


The price of The Jump Manual was high, but it was worth it in the end. I would not have seen the same results had I attempted to increase my jump height. A 60-day money-back guarantee backs the program, making it even more attractive.


I also have to mention the safety aspect of the program. Proper form and technique are emphasized throughout, so I never felt like I risked injury while performing any exercises.

Overall Ratings

I rate The Jump Manual 5 out of 5 stars. It is an effective program that combines plyometric training with strength work to maximize your vertical jump potential. I am delighted with my results and highly recommend this program to any athlete looking to improve their jumping ability.

The Jump Manual Review: My Final Verdict

I found the program to be easy to follow and understand. The Jump Manual has videos, pictures, PDFs, and other resources, making it extremely easy to start learning the exercises and techniques taught in the program. I began noticing jumps within a few short weeks, which was amazing!

Overall, I was very impressed with the results from The Jump Manual and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their vertical jump. After my review, if someone is willing to commit and follow the program closely, they can make incredible gains in their jumping abilities. Give The Jump Manual a try today! You won’t regret it!