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Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History – World Record [2024]

Last Updated April 22, 2024 Last Updated February 21, 2024 by Brian Aquino

It is said that Michael Jordan has achieved the highest vertical jump in NBA history at 48-inches without any equipment or extra support. Also, there are a few other basketball players who have jumped high such as Spud Webb at 48-inches, Julius Erving (Dr. J) at 48-inches, and Nate Robinson at 46 inches.

It is true that many basketball players have jumped the highest vertical leap, but Michael Jordan is known to jump the highest in NBA history. His dunking style was a delight to the eye. M. Jordan’s vertical jump was tested in several competitions and he always successfully achieved a 48-inches jump.

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highest vertical jump in nba



Highest Vertical Jump Ever – NBA Players’ Leaps

Below is a list of the highest vertical jump of basketball players who have played in the NBA. This record should be a great reference for future high jumpers.


1. Michael Jordan- 48 inches (4.066 feet)

highest vertical jump in nba history


2. Spud Webb – 48 inches (4.066 feet)

highest vertical leap


3. Julius Erving (Dr. J) – 48 inches (4.066 feet)

high basketball jump


4. Darrell Griffith – 48 inches (4.066 feet)

highest jump nba


5. Wilt Chamberlain – 48 inches (4.066 feet)

highest nba vertical jump


6. Keon Johnson – 48 inches (4.066 feet)

Highest Vertical Jump in NBA 2021


7. Jason Richardson – 46.5 inches (3.875)

high jump basketball


8. Nate Robinson – 46 inches (3.8333 feet)

nate robinson vertical jump


9. James White – 46 inches (3.8333 feet)

james white nba jump


10. Zach Lavine – 46 inches (3.8333 feet)

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Highest Vertical Jump in NBA Currently – 2021

Keon Johnson currently holds the NBA record for highest vertical jump currently. He managed to touch 48-inches high which is currently the highest jump in 2021. He plays for Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA.


Highest Vertical in NBA 2020

We had some exciting games to watch in the NBA last year, especially the dunking. A few highest vertical jumps recorded in NBA 2020 are;

  • Cassius Stanley, Duke – 44 inches
  • Tyler Bey, Colorado – 43.5 inches
  • Jalen Harris, Nevada – 42.5 inches
  • Udoka Azubuike, Kansas – 41 inches
  • Lamar Stevens, Penn State – 41 inches
  • Devon Dotson, Kansas – 40.5 inches
  • Josh Green, Arizona – 39.5 inches
  • Grant Riller, Charleston – 39.5 inches
  • Kahlil Whitney, Kentucky – 39 inches
  • Yoeli Childs, BYU – 38.5 inches



The Importance of Jumping Ability in Basketball

Importance of Jumping Ability in BasketballBasketball is a fast-paced energetic sport that requires good agility and explosive power. That’s why jumping ability is a critical aspect of basketball sport. Basketball players will know that the best way to score points and win games is by putting the ball in the basket – but it turns out that jumping high can give you an even greater advantage.

The vertical jumping ability has been found to put a big role in both offensive and defensive play: firstly, good jumps could allow one to block their opponents’ shots (by jumping up and blocking them from above), secondly, great leaps can allow one to make spectacular slam dunks (by jumping high and dunking the ball into the basket) – both of which are major crowd-pleasers that could potentially turn the tide of the game.

According to Basketball Journal, “Vertical jump tests have been shown to be a fairly accurate predictor of performance in basketball players. The best rebounders in college basketball had significantly higher vertical jumps than the average rebounder.”

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Lebron James Vertical Jump

LeBron James’ vertical jump is recorded at 40.5 inches, which allowed him to become the first player ever to win back-to-back NBA Slam Dunk Championships. He is known as “The King” and one of the best dunkers in the NBA.

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Michael Jordan Vertical Jump

Michael Jordan’s vertical jump is considered to be the highest in NBA history which is measured at 48-inches without any form of support. His high-scoring ability during his professional career also led him to win numerous championships. Jordan’s incredible jumping ability also led him to be considered by many as the greatest player of all time.


Spud Webb Highest Jump

Spud Webb is another basketball player who has achieved an amazing vertical jump at 48-inches. Although his career was not very long, he did make it big in the Slam Dunk Contest where he was the only one to dunk from the free-throw line.



Tips for improving your Vertical Jump

A vertical jump is a measurement of how high an individual can elevate from a stationary position by projecting the body upwards from its center of gravity. This will require applying force against a specific surface while performing a controlled countermovement followed by a rapid upward movement to complete the jump.

As we have heard that training legs help in a higher jump. Yes, it’s true! In particular, vertical boxes jump is a great exercise to jump high. Follow the instructions below to improve jump for dunking:

  • Always warm up before you play or even exercise the jumping drills. Most of the athletes use a jumping rope to warm up the muscles and let the blood flow in the body. It is mandatory to warm up whether you play on indoor or outdoor courts.
  • Perform slow and controlled toe jumps to prepare ankles and feet for perfect jump and landing.
  • Slowly progress with vertical jumps by performing raises on jump boxes. Also, train with jump squats and force yourself to go higher.
  • Train your legs, the most essential part to increase jumping level due to full strain and force on the legs. In addition, training the core is also as important as the legs. The core helps to stay longer in the air.

Note: Always make sure to keep your knees bent while landing to prevent any injury.

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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Who has the highest recorded vertical jump ever?

Michael Jordan has the highest recorded vertical jump at 48 inches. This is also the highest vertical jump ever.


Who has the highest vertical in the NBA in 2024?

E.J. Liddell has the highest vertical in the NBA in 2021. He managed to touch 35.5 inches height without any form of support.


What is Zion Williamson vertical?

Zion Williamson’s vertical jump is recorded at 45 inches.