Spalding NBA Varsity Multi-Color Outdoor Basketball – Reviews

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The rubber made Spalding NBA Varsity Multi-Color Outdoor Basketball is exceptionally good in terms of performance and maintaining its shape. Perfectly suitable for outdoor courts due to rubberized cover. Best of all, it is budget-friendly and an awesome ball at this price. I have mentioned all its reviews based featured below;

Spalding NBA Varsity



Spalding NBA Varsity Basketball Features


No NBA player would want to compromise on the feel of the ball. Spalding NBA Varsity is made of composite rubber and it feels extremely comfortable to the hand. Make sure to keep the inflate pressure at optimum PSI, otherwise the ball might feel a little hard to the palm. But overall, the ball has a very soft and tacky feel because of the rubber pebbling.



In case you might be asking yourself how NBA players control the ball so smoothly. The deep channel lines of the ball let the fingers slide inside comfortably and it provides a strong grip around the ball. The Spalding NBA Varsity basketball is designed considering the conventional shape of official NBA ball, the reason is one of the best outdoor basketball.

Now, your opponents should forget that you will slip the ball while dribbling as long as it is not raining. On the other hand, I have experienced that the ball became a little slippery while playing in moist weather. It could be a default manufacturing fault of that particular ball since the ball was more slippery around the logo.

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The Varsity ball bounces really well without any effort. I literally dribbled the whole court back and forth without putting some force. Moreover, if you want the bounce rate to stay consistent, keep the air-pressure between 7 PSI to 8 PSI.



The ball is manufactured with a premium rubber cover that provides extreme durability. It performs really amazing on the outdoor concrete courts because of its rubber cover. No doubt the Spalding NBA Varsity will definitely last longer than other outdoor basketballs, either you play on pavement or hard field.

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Final Verdict

In my own experience, I have found the Spalding Varsity Basketball extremely comfortable due to premium quality rubber. This ball is designed especially to withstand rough and hard surfaces. Best of all, being a rubber ball, it keeps its shape maintained at high temperatures. I shall recommend to purchase it if you are looking for a durable and low budget basketball.






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