Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball – Reviews

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The Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite 27.5 Youth Basketball is 15% lighter in weight and perfect for young athletes to master the basics of basketball sport. There is no other ball better than Rookie Gear basketball for beginner to practice game drills.

Spalding Rookie Gear


Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball Features


The NBA Rookie Gear solves a major handling issue that most of the younger players experience. The standard-Sized ball is difficult in getting a solid grip. This is mainly where the smaller sized ball comes into play. In addition, its sticky outer layer and deep channels provide better control over the ball. You can easily dodge by keeping the ball completely in your possession.



The Spalding NBA Rookie Gear Youth Basketball is the same size as regular youth balls but its weight is slightly lighter. The composite cover offers the best support to drill on both indoors and outdoors. High-quality performance composite leather makes the ball feels softer as compared to other outdoor balls.

In addition, the lighter weight is an advantage to the tacky feel. Practicing with a lighter ball helps to build your confidence, as well as establishing a strong foundation when it comes to skills.



Bounce is one of the main factors professional players look before purchasing a basketball. However, Spalding NBA is famous for producing quality balls that have a consistent amount of bounce with effortless handling. The ball holds the air-pressure and stays inflated even if you leave it outdoor.

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The Spalding NBA Rookie Gear Youth is specially designed for indoor and outdoor courts. Manufacturers do not compromise on their durability since the ball is supposed to survive on a concrete surface. The high-quality composite leather cover is long-lasting and it can bear difficulties of weather circumstances.

No wonder why Spalding Rookie Gear is famous for the best indoor outdoor basketball.

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Final Verdict

A slightly lighter basketball as compared to other outdoor balls, perfect droplet to practice dribbling skills. Especially designed with high-quality composite leather feels soft and comfortable. The sticky outer layer offers ultimate ball handling. Indeed it is a good basketball for indoor and outdoor plays.






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