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In Ground vs. Portable Basketball Hoop – Pick that Suits You

Last Updated July 15, 2024 Last Updated February 28, 2024 by Brian Aquino

Every basketball enthusiastic has gone through the debate of in ground vs. portable basketball hoop before selecting the right one. Here, we’ll explain the features, advantages, and disadvantages of both types of hoops to make it easier for you to pick the suitable one. Getting a hoop for the family is a long time investment. So, we recommend spending some time before making a decision to buy basketball goal in 2024.

The main difference is that portable hoops are moveable and in-ground hoops are fixed. Movability is a great advantage, however, in-ground basketball systems are more secure and offer solid stability. Hence, if sturdiness is important for you and you want to experience the professional game at home, get an in ground basketball goal. On the other hand, a portable adjustable hoop will be a better choice if you intend to move between places.

No matter which type of basketball hoop you choose, you’ll need a durable outdoor basketball to play on driveway concrete.

in ground vs. portable basketball hoop


In-Ground vs. Portable Basketball Hoop – How to Find Suitable Basketball Goal

The main difference between an in-ground hoop and a portable hoop is the moveability (portability), portable basketball hoops are moveable, whereas the in-ground hoops are permanently installed in the ground. In-ground basketball systems are most sturdy and perfect for professional competitive games. On the other hand, a portable hoop is ideal for a backyard, driveway, or fun games around the community.

Finding the right basketball hoop depends on every individual’s needs. If you are planning to spend some fun time with the kids, then there is no need to invest in an in-ground basketball system – a portable height adjustable goal will serve the purpose. Adjust the height of the rim according to your desired level and let your children enjoy hooping. Plus, there will be a benefit of shifting the hoop around with minimum effort – just drag and roll on wheels.

Portable Basketball Hoops - Best Sellers

SKLZ Pro Mini

Hoop Basketball System with Adjustable-Height Pole and 7-Inch Ball

  • Height adjustment
  • Durable with a pro-grade look
  • Spring action breakaway rim


Silverback NXT

portable basketball goal

  • Absorbs vibrations
  • Increased rigidity
  • Easy to assemble


Lifetime 71524 XL

in ground vs. portable basketball hoop

  • Improved rebound
  • All-weather net
  • 35 gallons base



On the other hand, if you are a school/college team player or aiming to take basketball as a career, you will need a sturdy rock-solid ground basketball hoop. We advise getting a fixed hoop to experience the professional gameplay at home. In ground hoops have high-quality tempered glass backboard and breakaway style rim – perfect to practice dunking. These hoops are durable and designed to last for decades.

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In Ground basketball Hoops - Best Sellers 

Goalrilla FT Series

top rated in ground basketball hoop

  • 5 x 5″ thick pole
  • Tempered glass backboard
  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer


Silverback Pro-Style Flex

best in ground basketball hoop

  • Tempered glass backboard
  • 4 x 4″ powder coated pole
  • 5-years warranty


Silverback In-Ground

Basketball Hoop with Adjustable-Height Tempered Glass Basketball Goal Backboard

  • Gymnasium-style goals
  • Anchor mounting
  • Tempered glass backboard



Also, consider the fact of where you are going to place/install the hoop. If the selected area is dedicated to a basketball court, an in-ground hoop will be a better option. However, if the area is going to be used for other purposes too, pick up a portable hoop.

Most importantly, keep the budget in mind. Portable basketball hoops are a lot cheaper than in ground basketball hoops. In ground systems are built with heavier and stronger materials, that’s why they are expensive than moveable ones.

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Portable vs. In-Ground Basketball Hoop – Comparison Chart

Here’s the comparison of advantages and disadvantages of portable and in ground basketball hoops;

FeatureIn Ground Basketball HoopPortable Basketball Hoop
Installation• Installed in ground using anchor system
• Tools required for digging hole and installing
• Concrete takes up to 72 hours to get dry
• Does not require installation
• Tools required to assemble only
• Takes about 90 minutes to assemble
Transportability• Fixed in ground – cannot move around
• Need to unbolt the anchor system to relocate and install in the other place
• Easily moveable due to attached wheels with the base
• Empty the base, tilt and drag to desired location
Stability• Provide maximum stability due to in ground concrete installation
• Eliminate the fear of tripping over
• Players can dunk and hang over the rim
• Base is filled with either water or sand
• Wobbles during hard shots
• Not build to hang over - chances of
flipping over
Ability to Play• Provide experience equivalent to the professional tournaments such as the NBA and NCAA basketball hoops
• Pro style breakaway rim and high quality tempered glass backboard offer proper rebound
• Suitable for aggressive games
• Some has plastic or lighter tempered glass backboards
• Poles are not strong enough to hold the weight of high quality tempered glass backboard
• Not suitable for aggressive style basketball
Suitable for• Basketball enthusiastic who are thriving to participate in professional tournaments
• Height adjustable rims – suitable for the whole family
• Good to enjoy hooping with family
• Job holders who intend to shift places quite often

Spalding Hoops are high-quality and more trusted – whether they are in-ground, portable or mini basketball hoops.


Final Verdict

I hope you have made up your mind which one to choose between in-ground vs. portable basketball hoop. If not, read the comparison chart again and select one that suits your needs. Basketball hoops are not cheap – especially the in ground goals. So, better take all the aspects into consideration before ordering one for your home.

We recommend getting an in-ground basketball system if you have a budget and do not have any restrictions to install it on your property. These hoops are much stronger, more durable and offer a pro-style game experience. Even if you are buying a hoop for your kids’ fun, they’ll practice on a professional basketball hoop and hopefully choose this sport as a career one day.

If budget is the issue, there are some wall-mount basketball hoops that serve the same purpose at a very low cost.


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Are in-ground basketball hoops worth it?

Yes, of course! In-ground basketball hoops are worth every penny if you have enough space to install them. These basketball systems provide a true basketball experience in your backyard or driveway. In-ground hoops have 60” to 72” tempered glass backboard and pro-style breakaway rim – perfect rebound and suitable for dunking and hanging.


Can you put a portable basketball hoop in the ground?

Yes, you can put a portable basketball hoop in the ground but it will require some tools and welding an extra piece of a metal anchor with the pole. Portable hoops are designed to move around, that’s why their materials aren’t very strong. We would recommend not fixing it in the ground. However, if you are keen to install it in the ground, go ahead – it is possible.


Which basketball hoop is best in a driveway?

Silverback NXT 54″ is the best basketball hoop in a driveway. Here’s a list of the best basketball hoops for a driveway.

  1. Silverback NXT 54″ In-Ground Basketball Goal
  2. Goalrilla FT Series Basketball Hoop
  3. Silverback SB60
  4. Goalrilla GS-54 Basketball System
  5. Pro Dunk Diamond Basketball System
  6. Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop – 54-Inch
  7. Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop


Do portable basketball hoops fall over?

Portable basketball hoops stand firm due to their bases which get filled with either water or sand. However, they intend to trip and fall over while aggressive plays. These hoops are not suitable for dunking and if you try to hang over the rim, it will fall over.