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10 Ways To Get Better At Basketball in 2024

Last Updated July 15, 2024 Last Updated February 21, 2024 by Brian Aquino

Basketball is a really fun game and one that you can easily increase your skill in overtime. When you commit to improving your game, you might realize that there are many ways that you can practice and drill to meet your goals. Like most sports, there are many different ways to improve your skills.

If you have been drilling and are not sure that you are making headway, you might need to find another set of drills to work with. The tips and tricks on this list will help you to get the most out of your practice every day and help you to get better at your game. Having access to the right tips will help you to get the most out of your practice.

If you are ready to learn the 10 ways to get better at basketball, you need to read on for more information!

Ways To Get Better At Basketball in 2024

1.     Dribbling is one of the Best Ways To Get Better At Basketball in 2024

Dribbling is the most foundational skill that you need to have down if you want to get better at basketball. You will spend more time dribbling when you are playing basketball than you will be doing any other activity related to the game. Being able to move with and around the ball is critical to getting around the court without mishaps. Ball handling is critical to being good at playing the game, and you need to drill your dribbling skills if you want to master the entire game.

The court can be a crowded place, and you need to be able to practice more than just simple dribbling. You will need to be able to move all around the court as well as forward and backward with the ball too. You will also want to practice moving quickly and slowly as you dribble. This is more complex than you might think, and you will need to work on your dribbling skills as often as possible to get them down so that you can trust them even when you are distracted.

2.     In 2024, Work on Layup Skills To Get Better At Basketball

Layups can be the best and most flexible skill that you develop for your game. You will want to be sure that you can deliver a reliable layup, even from the angle that you did not plan when you were heading to the net. Layups need to be something that you can do without issue, and you will want to be sure that you have the right footwork in place leading up to the layup.

Layups can be intimidating for some people due to the combination of factors that need to come into play to make sure that the layup is a success. You will need to practice the steps that lead up to the layup, and you will also want to reach correctly up before you release the ball. This is a skill that requires confidence which is built on lots of practice.

3.     By Identifying Your Weaknesses You Can Get Better at Basketball 

To get better, you will need to be able to self-identify. You will need to be able to assess what your weaknesses are, and you will need to be able to decide what to work on when you are practicing alone. The best basketball players can see what they are doing wrong and work on it themselves without guidance.

Self-identifying weaknesses are important to improving your game. You will want to be sure that you can be realistic about your skills and that you can see where you need to improve without a lot of guidance in your practice. Knowing what your weaknesses are is critical to being a successful player every time you join a game.

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4.     Get Yourself Fit to Improve Your Basketball Skills

No matter how hard you practice, you will need to be fit to get the most out of your game. You cannot hope to play well if you are not fit. You will need to make sure that your drills are effective but also that you are fit enough that you can keep up for the entire duration of a game.

Being in good shape is critical to your overall play style. You will need to be able to sprint, jump, dribble effectively, and more. All of these things require that you are in good shape. Make sure that you can run, jump, and exert for more than ten minutes or so at a time. You will need to be able to engage in at least this much activity to be able to play effectively during games.

5.     Watching the Pros Play Can Help you to Improve Your Basketball Game In 2024

One of the best ways to improve your skills is to watch the pros play. This might be college ball, or it could be professional basketball. You will want to be sure that you watch the ebbs and flows of the game and see what the players do to contain aggressive plays and more.

Watching the pros play will help you to be more effective on the court every day. You can learn a lot by watching the overall strategy of the game that is being used to defeat plays, and you will also benefit from tracking the skills and the play styles of the team members that are the most effective. Part of learning is emulating the best while they are playing the game.

6.     Work on Your Shooting Form

Shooting is a big component of the game, but there might be many things that happen to block your shots. You might have to reach around another player, or you might have to shoot from varying distances and still have success at sinking the shot. You will need to be sure that you can shoot reliably from many different spots on the court because this is the reality of playing a game.

Shooting form can save you from making mistakes when you have to sink a shot from a location that is not your ideal shooting spot. You will also be spared missing shots when you are distracted or worried about anything else. You want your shooting form to be something that you can count on even when you are not able to focus your full attention on the action. Things that you can do with muscle memory are always much more likely to be a success than things you have to have 100% attention for.

7.     Drilling Wisely Is a Good Way To Improve Your Basketball Skills

Make sure that you are not pressing yourself beyond the point where you can perform tasks. You will want to keep your practice to a reasonable time frame each day. If you start working past your ability to perform tasks correctly, you will be training incorrect movements into your practice. You do not need to drill for hours every day. You need to drill effectively.

Drilling properly and wisely makes all the difference in your practice. You will need to be responsible for your drill planning when you are not at group or coached practice. Make sure that you are aware of how long you have been practicing, and try to be sure that you do not exceed your ability to work on drills effectively. Practice hours need to be handled correctly to generate results.

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8.     Listen to Your Coach If you Want To Improve Your Basketball Skills in 2024

Being coached can be hard. You might feel resentful about being told what to do, or maybe you will feel defensive if you think that you are doing a skill correctly, but you are being told that you are not. Some people can also feel embarrassed when they are being coached in front of others as well. Coaches serve a critical role in your development, no matter which skills you are trying to develop. A coach can see you and your play style clearly in ways that you cannot, so their advice is critical to your development as a player.

Coaching can only be effective if you listen to what your coach has to say. Coaches have a lot to tell us about what we are doing wrong and right when we are working on skills, and they can help guide us to be better at our sport. Coaching is a big part of growing as a player, and if you have access to this kind of help, you need to make the most of the opportunity to be coached. Coaches push us to make us better, and you will be selling yourself and your coach short if you do not make the most of the chance to be guided in better play techniques.

9.     Keep Things Fun To Get Better At Basketball in 2024

Working on drills that you do not enjoy endlessly or struggling with the parts of your game that you find to be the hardest can take the fun right out of the game. You will want to be sure that you are working on fun items as well as hard things when you practice. Keeping things fun can make your practice much more effective and can keep you from getting burned out on your skills training.

When you choose to keep things fun, you will be making sure that you are not going to get tired of playing before you can get your skills on lock. It can be stressful to learn new skills, but once you have them down pat, you will be so glad that you took the time to improve them. Keeping things fun can make your practice so much more effective as well as so much more enjoyable. This can also help keep things fresh so that you do not get bored, frustrated, or worn down. Keeping things fun is a healthy part of any good drill schedule.

10.    Teaching Others is One of the Best Ways to Improve Faster In Basketball

Sometimes teaching is the best way to learn. You will be able to learn more about the game by teaching people to play it, and you will find some of the fun that you might have lost through excessive drilling and practice. Teaching and coaching can be some of the most enjoyable hours of your playing time, and they can help you to see areas that you can improve as well. You might also be able to see the bigger picture better when you are helping others to play.

When you teach others to play, you will gain a whole new insight into the game, and you might see some of your play styles in the people that you are coaching. Explaining skills can also help you to cement your knowledge. You will see parts of the game in a new light which can help you to create new training plans and drilling schedules for yourself. Teaching can bring entirely new insight into your play. You will be glad that you helped others learn to play, and you will benefit from your game.

Improving Your Basketball Game in 2024 Can Be Easier Than You Think

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If you have been struggling to figure out how to make your gameplay better in 2024, you will need to use these tips and tricks to develop your play much more effectively. You will be prepared for any game that you join, and you will be ready to play better than you ever have. The right balance of drilling, playing for fun, and coaching others, can deliver big results for your game over the long run.

If you love basketball, you will need to work on your skills to improve your basketball game in 2024. You will be able to make big gains in your techniques using these tips and tricks, and you will fall in love with the game all over again. Loving the game makes it easy to get the most out of your gameplay every day. You will also need to balance your practice hours with time for fun in order to stay fresh and connected with the court. Improving your basketball skills is easy when you use these tips and tricks to improve your skills.

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