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scholarship for basketball players


We think of the Basketball Players and Fans

The Outdoor Ball Pro is pleased to announce a college/university scholarship program for basketball players. This sports quota scholarship is not limited to basketball players only, if you are a fan and know the basketball history, you are eligible to apply.

Don’t get obsessed with grades or overvaluing studies only, your physical health is as equal as to education. We believe every creative and active person deserves to enroll in higher studies.


Scholarship Details:

The applicant must submit an essay of 700 to maximum 1000 words about any basketball player’s history. If he/she wishes to choose another topic but still related to basketball sports, you are most welcome to contact our leading author – Edward Pullen.

The winner will be awarded $1000 for the semester, and he/she will be sponsored for further studies untill the degree completion, depending on the performance in academics as well as sports.


The applicant must be enrolled at an accredited university at the time of submission of the essay.

Note: High School Basketball Team’s players will be our priority.


Essay Essentials:

  • The essay should be in MLA format MS Word file
  • Write your full name, email and name of the college/university  on the top left of the page
  • Essay must have a word count of a minimum of 700 words to a maximum of 1000 words
  • We check plagiarism, so make sure not to copy
  • Applicants must send email using the .edu email address, applications from personal emails or any other source will be considered invalid
  • No application fees are required to apply for this scholarship

Submit your essay at and Edward will responde within 48 hours.

basketball scholarship


Additional Instructions:

You are welcome to write about products related to basketball sports. Features should be in detail and pros and cons must be honestly explained. You may check out some of the articles for a better understanding of the content we admire;




  • We do not share the applicant’s personal info with anyone outside the scholarship management team
  • There is no cost to submit a scholarship application
  • Not every applicant wins. Thus, try to provide the best of the content
  • If you wish to apply for Fall and Spring both semesters, you need to apply separately as we do not have a policy to renew the application
  • Winners will be asked to provide a student ID and valid transcript before transferring the amount
  • Your application will be disqualified if we find any information false or incomplete