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How to Pump a Basketball without a Needle – No Pump Needed

Last Updated May 13, 2024 Last Updated February 28, 2024 by Brian Aquino

Have you lost the ball needle and wondering how to pump a basketball without a needle? Don’t panic, there are ways to fill up the basketball without a needle – even without a pump. It is essential to retain the recommended PSI for a basketball to dribble as it is expected to and perform at its best.

It is so frustrating when you are ready to hoop but finds your basketball a little deflated, plus, cannot find the needle to air up. Obviously, it will not bounce perfectly and bank shots will end up too close to the backboard. However, we have explained simple ways to pump a basketball without needing to have a needle. These methods are popular among professionals and have been in practice for a long.

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how to pump a basketball without a needle


How to Pump a Basketball without a Needle – 5 Easy Ways

Always make sure that the basketball has enough air and in good shape before practicing. Even a slightly deflated ball will ruin your experience and you’ll be disappointed at your performance. It is recommended to have a basketball pump and needle in the bag. However, if you cannot find the needle or the pump, below are the simple methods of inflating a basketball without a needle;


1. Use a Compressed Air Can

If your basketball is slightly deflated and you cannot find the needle, a can of compressed air is your savior. It is probably the easiest method to air up the basketball without needing a needle.

Below are the steps to follow to inflate a ball using a compressed air can;

  1. Insert the free end of the small straw attached with the canister into the basketball’s air hole
  2. Make sure the other end of the straw is hooked with the can properly
  3. Push the lever on the can to pump the air, do it slowly in short bursts until the ball is inflated

Note: This method is only practical if your basketball has lost a bit of air and is not fully deflated. To inflate a ball completely, it will require a few cans of compressed air – resulting in costing more than buying a basketball pump.

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2. Use a Balloon

It may sound a little awkward filling up a basketball using a balloon – but this method words. Certainly, it is one of the most popular methods of inflating a basketball without a needle.

Things required;

  • Preferably a large-size balloon
  • A paper clip
  • A small straw that can fit in a basketball’s air hole

Here are the steps to pump the ball using a balloon;

  1. Air up the balloon as much as you can for it to hole the maximum air
  2. Close the balloon’s hole with the paper clip so that air does not leak out
  3. Insert one end of the straw into the ball’s air hole
  4. Insert the other end of the straw into the balloon’s hole
  5. Remove paper clips to release the air – remember to hold the balloon tight, otherwise, it will shoot away
  6. Repeat the process until the ball is inflated properly

We experienced this method as a bit demanding because it requires a lot of helping tools. Plus, you need to be cautious throughout the process. Otherwise, the balloon may end up shooting away and spreading air in the room – instead of inside the basketball.

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3. Use a Tubeless Bike’s Valve Stem

Well, this method is very similar to inflating a ball using a needle – however, the valve stem will take place of the needle.

Things required;

Follow these steps to inflate a basketball with a valve stem;

  1. Remove the valve stem from the tubeless bike tire by unscrewing the fastener on the stem
  2. Remove any rubber coating from the stem – if there is
  3. Attach the stem with a pump, a bicycle pump will also work
  4. Insert the other end into the basketball’s valve – just like a needle
  5. Pump the air until the ball is filled up

This method is almost the same as filling a ball with a needle, just a stem replaces the needle. If you have a tubeless bike wheel, we would recommend following this way for precise pumping and inflating the basketball in a good way.

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4. Use a Pen Ink Tube

Again, this is also similar to the above-mentioned where a pen ink tube replaces the needle. However, it is slightly difficult than using a stem.

You will need;

  • Pen ink tube – preferably empty or with minimum ink left to waste
  • Tape
  • Plastic coated paper clip
  • Scissor

Here are the steps to follow to inflate a basketball using a pen ink tube;

  1. Remove the ink tube from the pen, make sure it has around a 1.5-inch empty tube
  2. Cut the empty part of the tube to form a tiny tube which will work as a needle
  3. Straighten the plastic-coated paper clip and make sure not to damage the plastic – we are going to need it
  4. Insert the paper clip including plastic into the ball’s air hole, ensure that plastic goes inside
  5. Pull out the metal part of the paper clip gently and leave plastic inside the ball
  6. Now, cut the extra length of the plastic using a scissor and insert one end of the cut-out piece of ink tube inside the plastic
  7. Tape around the joint to minimize the chances of air leakage while pumping
  8. Insert the other end of the tube into the pump and take the edge
  9. Now, start pumping the air slowly – do not rush, otherwise, the plastic from the air hole will burst out

As I mentioned above, it is a slightly difficult way, but worth trying if nothing is available. We recommend having a friend around to hold the plastic inside the valve tight and the other end of the tube against the pump.

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5. Visit a Bike Shop or Gas Station

If you are on the road, or cannot find any of the equipment at home required in the aforementioned methods – probably it will be easier to go to a bike shop. Gas stations and bike shops have air pumps, but it is unlike that they will have basketball needles. However, but there will be a similar attachment that might work with the ball.

For this method, all you have to do is to carry the deflated basketball to a bike shop or gas station to get it pumped. Ask the guy to inflate it for you if they aren’t too busy. Otherwise, ask for the right tools and do it yourself – it is simple! Some shops may charge you a minimal amount, however, filling the air is free in most of the states of the USA. However, it is a kind gesture to pay a couple of bucks or buy them something to show kindness in return for the help.

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Final Verdict

I hope you have found a suitable way of how to pump a basketball without a needle from the aforementioned methods. Every method does not work for everyone, it all depends on what is easily available for you.

If you often need to pump your basketball, we recommend purchasing a basketball pump and a needle, and not relying on these DIY methods. These methods are practical once in a while, you’ll be wasting time by depending on any of these ways for a long time. Using a pump and a needle is a right way to inflate a basketball properly – period!


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

How do you fill up a basketball without a pump?

There are two ways to fill up a basketball without a pump;

  1. Using a compressed air can
  2. Using a balloon


Can you put air in a basketball at a gas station?

Yes, you can put air in a basketball at a gas station. Gas stations have air pumps, they may not have the needle to insert in the basketball, but there will be a similar attachment.


How do you pump a basketball with a bike pump?

Here’s how you pump a basketball with a bike pump;

  1. Attach basketball need with the bike pump
  2. Insert the other end of the needle inside the ball’s valve hole
  3. Start pumping until the ball is inflated properly


How do you moisten a pump needle?

Here’s how you can moisten a pump needle;

  1. Moisten it using a wet paper towel or any wet cloth
  2. Run a few drops of water from upside down
  3. Use saliva